I am a newbie!

  1. I am looking to purchase a paddington handbag. What is the difference between tobacco and chocolate?

    Also, where might I be able to purchase this bag? Thanks!:drool:
  2. Welcome fellow addict. Believe me once you feel that Chloe leather you will be addicted. There are a few links at the side of the page you can check out. Also take a look at the deals and steals thread. Good luck!
  3. Welcome! with the help of this board you will not be a newbie for long, the Chloe board has totally enabled my new Paddy addiction. Check out the thread mentioned above, and always feel free to ask questions on the "authenticate this" board, the members there are so nice and knowledgeable and I know they have helped me and others get steered away from some potentially expensive mistakes. I'm not sure about Tobacco, I believe it it a much darker brown, do a thread search, there was a good one a while back with comparison photos between an '05 and ''06 choco paddy.
  4. Yep tobacco is a v dark brown, it went on sale just before xmas at NAP for an amazing price, there is a thread all about tobacco so just do a search and have a look, but IMO there is no comparison, the choco is much nicer and richer in colour. Hope that helps
  5. I can't thank you ladies enough for your help! I live in South Dakota! You can't buy anything in this state.....