I am a newbie at this site^^


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Nov 7, 2005
Hello~ beautiful ladies.

Actually, I am expecting to buy a chanel handbags for my girl friend:love: .I have been searching internet to find the handbag( is there any way for me to upload the pic.? ah there we go^^). Its name is "Small Chanel Classic lambskin black" I think that the name is not exact anyway:noworry:. ( It is small not medium even not big :biggrin:)
I found that there are many replicas in the website. So, I decided to buy it in Boutique.
Before I go a Boutique, I wanna know the price:P . I think it is close to 1500? or more?:amazed: omg ;) If you beaties don't mind would mind telling me the price?

Thanks~ ladies.

A boy from Ann Arbor, MI :embarasse


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You are so thoughtful....your girlfriend is very lucky. My boyfriend gets a glazed look in his eyes every time we go to the handbag department somewhere :lol: . I keep hoping to break him ;) .
Anyone knows about chanel bags well?
Could you please tell me the price?. I really wanna know the price before going to the boutique :sad:

If it is 3rd time to see this post, please forgive me:love:
Thank you in advance!

a boy in Ann Arbor
I bought a similar bag at NM , but with the zipper on top instead of
flip openning for $1295 - I was also looking at this style and it was $100 Less ( $1195) . It could be because the it was a small and I bought a medium. I think for $1395 you can buy a medium in the style you like - I am sure you gf would be happy ;)

P.S. You are right, finding a Chanel bag on line is extremely though
I have been searching the net for info & pics for months and couldn't find anything except websites with fakes - This site is great help though - it saved me from buying on efashionstore.com:smile: Your best bet is to go to the boutique or even better department store like Saks , Blooomingdale's Neiman Marcus etc where you can return/exchange as well as maybe get a discount - since it's a holiday season and every department store having promotions like points collection and if you don't have their charge card - you can apply for one and get a 10% discount . Hope this helps :smile: