I am a new mommy of a

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  1. Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom pochette in Pink!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: I bought on ebay, but it is soooo beautiful!!!!!!!! I love this line, once I start earning more money, oh man, I am going to go crazy for LV. I'll post pics when the seller ships it.

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  2. Congrats!! Stunning:smile:
  3. Congrats!

    That is usually referred to as the red/cream though :idea: It's gorgeous...definitely my favorite CB line!
  4. So pretty!:yes:
  5. OOH!! never seen those before! pretty! congrats!
  6. congrats! the flowers are so cute!
  7. Very pretty...

  8. very nice, lucky you!
  9. Oh how pretty! Enjoy!
  10. Very Nice!!!
  11. Very CUTE - congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  12. so pretty, love the patina, congrats!!
  13. congrats very cute!
  14. beautiful congrats :biggrin:
  15. congratulations!!