I am a new homeowner!

  1. As of 5:00pm today I am a homeowner!!!:yahoo:I really should be finishing up my packing...but here i am again...
  2. Ohh how exciting!! Congrats!! My husband and I are buying a housse soon and its all we can talk about, finally no more roomates! haha
    Good luck with everything, and have fun decorating!
  3. that is soo exciting swee7bebe...CONGRATS :amuse: :flowers:
  4. :yahoo: Really great news! Congratulations and HOME SWEET HOME to you!:yes: :flowers:
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. Wonderful News !!!! Congratulations.:flowers:
  8. Wow!! Be sure to post pictures soon!
  9. Congrats! Doesn't it feel amazing??? Next dilema...decorating!
  10. Woo hoo! Mazel Tov! It's a great feeling to have a place that's yours! :yahoo:
  11. Congratulations - that is so exciting!! I can't wait to buy my own place!
  12. :yahoo: The best feeling in the world!! Congratulations on you new home.
  13. How exciting.... I bet you will have so much fun decorating!!! Congrats!!!
  14. congratulations! ,have a great time decorating:flowers:

    This is my 900th post :yahoo:
  15. Oh, how exciting! Congrats! I remember when we closed on our first house...it was scary but exciting. Welcome to home ownership!