I am a naughty LV girl! Please don't tell protective services!

  1. I decided I need some retail therapy today, and was going to take my blue antigua with me to see if it matched well with azur....

    I haven't used her yet, so went to fetch her from the gift closet....ack! not in that box...that box is too small...I know that one is the suhali! What the :censor: did I do with it! Up and down the stairs each time I thought of where she might be. :cursing: , this isn't funny...how do you loose a bag, you haven't used!!!

    I was really loosing it when I saw her in a storage tub, under a some shirts and things....oh, yeah....son wanted a big box for a collection he was putting together.

    In my defense, she was in her dust bag....it did make me feel guilty tho...I promise to be better:tender: , please don't tell on me....lol.
  2. LOL, don't worry.
  3. OK, but don't let it happen again, missy!:lecture:
  4. you`re in big trouble missy :lecture:
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