I am a MUSE OWNER !! and I need some help on edith..

  1. OK~ I promised myself I will only buy 1 bag in every 3 months but I CANT MAKE IT!!

    I just purchased a MJ stam at feb and pre-ordered edith ( expecting at May from NAP). and Again~~~ I purchased 1 more bag yesterday - YSL MUSE in brown color oversize!

    one of the reason I bought it because.. I told my sister in law this is a fab bag! and she went to YSL and purchased a white in Large size and called me while she still in YSL ( cos no YSL in my country) to see if I want a Oversize one.. it is so temping..... and I say " YES!!!"
    she told me the Muse bag is so beautiful and only 1 brown oversize available at the store... and I told myself I cant let it go! it belongs to me!!

    the bag will be available in 3 days time! and she sent me the pics already!! I cant wait anymore!

    on the other hand, I am not sure should I cancel my edith pre-order .. I am not sure my feeling towards edith.. I kind of like it... but.. My sister in law told me the leather isn't as soft as paddy.. and also it might be " too casual for a office bag or too formal for a weekend bag" .. I am not sure....

    pls help me..
    L1000694s.JPG L1000704s.JPG
  2. hhhmmmm...hate these decisions! I would probably go for the muse..especially if you are doubting your Edith love!
  3. My vote, without a doubt, is for the Muse. In my opinion, the Muse will be relevant for far longer than the Edith will. I think it is a much better investment. The Edith is a cute bag, but if you are looking for a bag that you can use for work, I would go with the Muse. I think the Edith is more of a kick around bag that you can use casually on the weekend. If you work in a corporate setting, the Muse would be far more appropriate. You can also use the Muse at night if you are going out to dinner or the theatre and are dressing up. The Edith, not so much. That being said, the Muse also looks great with jeans and a t-shirt; it is far easier to dress up and dress down than the Edith is.

    I own several Muses, one large, one oversized, and I also have an oversized Yse. I have a whiskey Edith as well. If it would be of any assistance to you, I would be happy to take a photo of my Muses alongside the Edith.

    In terms of the leather on the Edith, I do think that it is thicker and stiffer than the leather on the Paddington. The leather on the Edith seems to be somewhat inconsistent though. Some of the bags are slightly more slouchy and wrinkly than others are. The leather can even be somewhat inconsistent on the same bag. For instance the back of the bag could be completely smooth while the leather on the front is pebbly and scrunchy.
  4. I'd get the Muse...it would go with anything. Don't get that Edith if there's any doubt. Angst...thanks for the Edith info...very helpful!
  5. angst ,

    thanks for your detail info... I agreed that Muse might be more suitable for me. I work in a bank so I have to wear uniform at weekdays and I am a very casual girl at weekend ( jeans and tees). And I dont think edith could match my uniform honestly and I am a bit upset on the thick ( not so soft) leather on the edith!!

    I think I need to tell myself " dont get edith just because it is an IT bag".

    I dont really like edith at the start, that is the reason I didnt pre-order it at NOV last year at LVR because I throught I dont like it. when I saw the real pic of the bag, and ppl keep talking about IT bag It bag.. i started to think " i need to have one" and go onto waitlist at NAP. but HOnestly I dont know .. how much I love this bag.. rather than the IT bag..

    I remembered Paddington and silverado are kind of love at first sight. When I saw it, I know I need to get one asap and I even have 2 paddington.. but .. edith... i am not sure until now..
  6. I think that the Muse if more of an office bag.

  7. DITTO DITTO DITTO! Excellent advice!!! Hands down go for the Muse!
  8. i would keep the muse, i'm not a fan of the edith at all.
  9. I like the Muse. Had the edith preordered,received it and sold it. I think Muse was nicer IRL. At least for me, that is.
  10. Bella,

    will you keep both bags or return the edith? how's the leather on edith?
  11. Here are two pics of my Muse/Yse collection alongside the whiskey Edith. For me, there is not even a comparison; Muse all the way!

    edith muse 1.jpg

    edith muse 2.jpg
  12. angst,

    You have a HUGE Muse Family!!!!!
  13. Angst, gorgeous!! I saw the oversized anthracite today and that color is SO pretty! Of course I'm partial to black but I was surprised at how much I liked that.
  14. Daisy, anthracite was at our YSL store in the Galleria.

    Chloe - keep the Muse. I own the black Muse and have never regretted it. Loved it from the moment I saw IRL. I don't think it will ever go out of style. I had an Edith and returned it (chamois and grey). Just didn't fall in love with it at first sight.
  15. georgiegirl,

    thanks for your advise I might just email NAP to cancel my pre-order !