I am a man and I'd like to bury a Bbag. Advices?

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  1. Hi

    I'm new on the forum and I'm a french man (lol for sure!). I'm going to buy my first Bbag in a couple of weeks and I still hesistate. I like the leather, the softly touch, the hardware, the shape of several bags. What models suitable for mens? City? Men's weekender? Work? If you have some pics to illustrate 'cause I got trouble sometimes to name a bag... What advice can you give me before buying?



    Ps: Sorry for my english. French people are not really gifted in English !
  2. Hi Viktor! I beg to differ about that last point. We just returned from Paris and almost everyone we encountered spoke very good English. Yours is fine! And IMO French men are as a group some of the best-looking and best-dressed guys I've seen.

    Regarding the Bbag, I'd suggest trying a few on. For men, I'd suggest the courier, work or weekender. But you may see something else that will fit your needs. I'd also suggest bringing with you at least some of what you'll be carrying in the bag to see how the bag hangs and whether you can access your items easily. Most of all, have fun!
  3. I completely agree with Pseub:Courrier,Work or Weekender!Welcome!:cutesy:
  4. I also agree - the Courier seems to be well loved by men and looks really stylish too.

    Good luck and enjoy the buying process - you'll be addicted.
  5. hey guys. i am actually quite interested to know too. any photos you can attach? thanks!
  6. Welcome to the forum:welcome:

    I agree with the others. A courier or a weekender!
  7. Ateliernaff has some great pics of the styles here.
  8. Barneys NYC has some of the larger flat messengers directly IN their men's dept--although I think they consider it fairly fashion forward because they have them on the 3rd floor--separate from the general guy-bags. I had my DH try some on. I thought they looked great on him, but he wasn't sure he liked the tassels.
  9. Here's that link to a page that has photos of ALL the styles, even ones that are discontinued:

    There are a bunch of guys in this forum, so you will get plenty of advice from everyone! Welcome!

    Personally, I think the Men's Besace (Messenger) looks fantastic...I've see it on several guys on the street and it's very, very cool. Here it is:

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  10. ^^just bought one of those for my brother-in-law! He really has been wanting one for awhile...
  11. I'm male, and recently bought the besace in blueberry. i love it! the courier is amazing too.
  12. If I may add - think about what you want to use the bag for and that tends to dictate the shape and size. I bought the Extra Courier since I got tired of carrying a regular messenger bag and a gym bag -- it had enough room to do a multi-purpose bag. Additionally, will the bag be a weekday, weekend or travel bag? That should also be factored into the scenario on which bag you purchase. Finally, as stupid as it sounds, how do you carry your bag? I tend to sling stuff over my body (ala messenger), which certain styles you can't do....

    SO in the end, I would look at the (1) use of the bag (2) what you will carry in it and (3) how you want to carry it to help you make a decision.

    Now for purely selfish reasons, I want you to get a Weekender so I can drool over it :smile:
  13. courrier.
  14. Judging from the title, my best advice would be to wrap the bag in plastic, dig a medium sized hole in your yard, and put the bbag in it. Then, you shove dirt on top, and maybe place a tassel on the ground as a mark..

    Lol, sorry, I couldn't help myself, I hope you don't take it the wrong way! We all know how easily letters sneak in:P

    Welcome to a fellow Frenchman:yahoo: Enjoy the forum and good luck hunting down your new favourite bag!! My advice would be a Men's Weekender, they're lovely!!
  15. Thanx so much welcoming that way...I think that I will hesistate between the Weekender or the men's Day probably in ink color. I want a bag for everyday use that can carry all my mess (worst that women!) plus mags, eyewear boxes...But I don't want a too big bag...the dilema!
    The Courrier seems to big
    Is anyone have pictures of men carrying a weekender?

    Merci (thank you in french...I could give you french lessons in order to seduce Nicolas lol)