I am a lucky girl, meet my blue twiggy~~


Oct 9, 2006
I went to Holt Renfrew in Toronto yesterday. I saw a Gorgeous blue twiggy, the SA told me just found out in stock, and put in display for less than half hour, then I meet it...I am so lucky~~This color is summer color, and this one is the last one. I think the twiggy returned by someone long time ago, and they just forgot it and didn't display it.The twiggy doesn't come with extra tassles and have few spot on the bag, have defects but still in good condition. more importantly, I just paid for the discount price for $959CAD+tax. It's a really good deal for me, the original price was $1375CAD+tax. I am so happy~~my dear blue twiggy.

p.s what kind of this blue, or just call blue?


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