I am a little sad guys pls confort me...

  1. Well where should I begin... I was looking for a small wallet and decided to get the cles.
    I found the one let-trade had for sale (new suhali in blue) and bought them, then I waited for them to come home as usual but this time I got a paper saying I had to go to the post office and get them there and I had to pay a bit more than 100$ for tax :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I almost fainted because it was more or less the half of what they costed, I called the main office very upset and the thing it was that they made a mistake and calculated tax like the price Let-trade wrote on the envelope was in US dollars not Hong Kong dollars !!!! WTF.

    The snooty woman at the post office told me I had to wait for a week so they could fix the bill because anyway I had to pay :cursing: :cursing: !
    Finally i got the new bill and I had to pay 12 dollars of tax :cursing: :crybaby: well anyway it wasn't very much.

    The thing is now that the cles are great brand-new but... I don't love them enough!!!
    It wasn't love at first sight like I tought it was going to be :crybaby:
    after this purchase I have no more money for LV until my birthday in june
    and i feel I bought something i don't really LOVE, u understand what I mean?
    I won't even try giving it back to them because they are great with me and I can't give back something flawless only because I don't really really like it.

    Do u think i was all this waiting with the mail what made me get disapointed ?
    Am I stupid and too picky??

    I don't know what to do... pls give me an advice n a hug
  2. Hug?:sad: I know the feeling of waiting so excitedly for something $$ and then being disappointed. Maybe you can resell on eBay?:idea:
  3. *hug*
    If you don't like it and don't want to send it back, sell it on eBay :yes:
    Customs suck!
  4. Aaaaw, it sucks that you aren't as happy with your cles as you should be :sad: But yeah, if you don't really love it, you should sell it on eBay and rather get something you *love* :smile:
  5. ***hugs*** sweetie! I say give it a week....use it a couple of times...if you still aren't in LOVE then re-sell on ebay!
  6. (((((((Hugs sweetie))))))) :sad:
  7. I am sure there would be no harm in asking LT would they exchange for you. If not then just sell on ebay if you are not happy with them & buy something that you like. Remember to factor your ebay fees into your cost.
  8. Awww .... I'm so sorry that you feel that way. * * HUG * *

    No, I don't think your stupid or too picky.

    I think maybe you didn't enjoy as you thought you would because you went through so much hassle to get it in the first place. If this is the case, then just enjoy it ... every LV piece is gorgeous.

    But if your really, really not in love with it and you don't want to send it back. Try selling it on eBay and getting your money back so you can buy something else.

    Best Wishes on your decision. :flowers:
  9. id say attach the cles to you'r tanger take it for a spin and forget all about it thats should take care of it:flowers:
  10. i'm sure your trouble with tax soured your :heart: a bit.
    wait a bit, see if you can re-kindlle the :heart: ...hope so!
    and, oh, (((hugs!!!)))
  11. awww... I'm sorry that you're not happier with your purchase. I'm sure that mean lady at the PO didn't help. I agree with the others. Give it a little more time and then if you still don't like it, maybe you can sell it.

    I saw it on Let-trade a while ago and thought that it was beautiful!!
  12. :flowers: I'm sorry your not excited with your cles. Maybe it was just the drama with the post office. But like veryone said maybe ebay if your still not in love with it.
  13. {{{hugs}}} Maybe wait awhile and look at it later.
  14. awww.. *hugs* I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. If you don't truly love it, then you could try to sell it on ebay, or you could keep it and maybe it will grow on you? I hate it when things like this happen..just take it as a lesson learned and good luck!!
  15. :yes: