I am a little bummed that the Louis Vuitton forum is closed for maintenance!

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  1. Really, I guess that is the main reason I am in the forum! I am addicted to Louis and I really love the members! Not that we aren't all float members, but we are to different degrees.

    I feel like my best friend is on vacation!

    anyone with me?
  2. I was in other forum when it's closed~ anything happened?
  3. lol, i was just thinking the same thing! i might just go to bed :rolleyes:
  4. I agree with you. :sad: I have to write a paper for school, but I was going to take a peek in there first. Looks like now I'll just have to do the paper.
  5. I know!

    It's become a part of my daily routine, and I feel vaguely out of sorts :weird: because I don't lurk nearly as much in the other subforums...

    Hmmm... I suppose I'll use this as an opportunity to go study the LV site & familiarize myself with the LV line, so I don't feel like such a dunce when some drops a style name I don't recognize...(which is almost all of them!):choochoo:
  6. We need to start a supposrt group. I'm getting abstineces already.
  7. Me too! I felt like someone I know just left me!
  8. I feel homeless, LOL. This might be a good thing, though. I'm actually planning to go out tonight. :lol:
  9. for hours I have been trying to get into the LV site...I am an LV pug after all...it LV or nothing...ok...maybe the odd Gucci....I want back on the LV site

    Did anyone see the pics of the new MC bags coming out this spring...I so want the middle pic in white MC
  10. Is it true that LV is sold out of the heart purses? that is what 866 told me :sad:
  11. I move all over the forum, so if one would close, there are lots of other interesting sub-forums. LV is the busiest one, so it's logical that some members log on for that one only. I think one or two other designer forums are like that. Try some of the other subs--you'll find something to keep you busy till LV is back online!
  12. ^
    NOw this is why we need the forum! That the heart purses are sold out is old news. Long ago.
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