I am a list-aholic! Anyone else?

  1. I am a complete list-aholic...I make lists for everything...but I never finish them :push:. My hubby makes lists too, he is pretty good about finishing them, but then again he puts stuff on there like, 'get up early' and 'make lunches for boys' and 'drop buys at school' :rolleyes:, things that obviously have to to get done.

    Anyone else make lots of lists? Do you finish them? If you do, any tips?
  2. I'm guilty of making lots of lists, but not always finishing them. I was actually about to start another before my doctor's appointment on Friday. Thanks for the reminder!
  3. I make them only for groceries..because if I don't I always forget to buy some items.
  4. Yes yes yes!! Without lists I'd be sunk for sure. I have a list of never-ending home improvement projects on my fridge and make a list of what I need to do each day in my filofax (with popup reminders in my Outlook calendar). Lol....I couldn't function any other way!!!
  5. I have a list of short-term things to do, like "clean the bathroom." And list of long-term things to do, like "make a will." I also add things that I have already done to the lists, just so I can cross them off, hehe.
  6. I make usually make a list of schoolwork that need to be done & yes I get them done! =)
  7. Oh yes! I have lists EVERYWHERE. I don't even know if I need them, well I do need them, but I never refer back to them to see if I've done it all. I think I just find it enjoyable writing up the list of things to do because I get excited of the things I do. :p
  8. I'm a list-alcoholic... Beer? Check! Wine? Check! Scotch? Check!
  9. I am!

    My blackberry which is my planner is MY LIFE. :smile:

    My secretary rarely has to remind me of my meetings and such because my blackberry is always beeping with reminders :smile:
  10. Yes, I love making lists! When I cross something off that I have to do, it's almost like a great sense of accomplishment! lol. I make lists for what errands I have to run, what ideas I have in my head, etc. Right now I'm really into my dollhouse so I'm constantly making lists of what I need to buy, new ideas, questions to ask, and more stuff like that. I find them very helpful in steering myself towards getting work accomplished.
  11. I make tons of lists. First thing I do at work is sit down and write a list of what I need to get done. I love crossing things off! I do them for shopping, errands, books to read, things to get done over the weekend, and basically anything else that could possibly require a list. Right now I have a huge massive one of things we need for our new place.
  12. I do make lists.. but I'm guilty about only putting things on a list I know I will get done the other stuff why bother ROFL!
  13. Lol I love lists, I think I get it from my mom. My favorite is making lists of stuff I'll be taking with me on trips.
  14. Yep I'm a listie. They're my comfort blanket. I always carry a notebook in my bag and jot things down on my list as I think of them.
    We're off on hols next week and I've lists of what to take - separate ones for each of us.
    Lists are life savers for busy women, without them I'd have a permanent migraine.
  15. Ohhhh....yesss....I am the Queen of Lists......I need to write EVERYTHING down, or I will forget it. I make list of things to do, grocery lists, list of songs to download, lists of things I want, lists of things I need, vacation checkoff lists, etc....yessss....GUILTY!:sweatdrop: