I am a H Girl!

  1. Pretty new to the H world. Started with a couple scarfs, scarf rings, belt and CDC. Mentioned to my SA big birthday this year, thinking about my dream purse. Last week he texted me to call him, may have a surprise for me. Went in, didn't know what to expect, and just cannot say no!
    My very early birthday present. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396488632.815640.jpg
    B for birthday. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396488703.127592.jpg
    Bleu Izmir Birkin 35
    Now I can think myself to be a Hermes girl.
    A little group shot, the blue and orange go together very well. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396488893.905372.jpg
    Thanks for letting me to share my excitement.
  2. Happy birthday! What a way to celebrate.
  3. Great birthday present! Congrats an happy birthday!
  4. Welcome to H world! You got a fabulous haul there! :love::love:Huge congratulations!
  5. It's gorgeous! Super congrats and I'm sure it's looking to be a happy birthday! :smile: Enjoy!
  6. Happy Early Birthday to YOU! LOVE your birkin and fun H accessories!!! CONGRATS!:balloon::presents:party:
  7. Welcome and congratulations. Hope many more H to come
  8. Happy Birthday and Congrats!! What a way to welcome a big birthday!
  9. Love the blue it is fantastic!!!!! Just curious did you ask for that color specifically or just a bright color? Either way it is just gorgeous, I am so jealous!

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!
  10. Happy B -day!!!! Enjoy your bag.
  11. Absolutely stunning! What a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday. Congratulations and wear in good health. ;)
  12. absolutely gorgeous :love: and a wonderful happy bday to you :heart:
  13. Beautiful! And happy b-day!
  14. Happy Birthday! Enjoy that beauty in good health:woohoo::woohoo:
  15. A very Happy Birthday to you!! Enjoy your wonderful new B!! :party: