I am a guy and this is my chanel collection.

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  1. so what do you think about my little collection?
    i wish i would have more but its hard to find something not very girlie lol.
    the tshirt is a mens tshirt from the sport collection.
    well everything is from the sport collection enjoy.
    S2020018.JPG S2020021.JPG S2020023.JPG S2020028.JPG S2020027.JPG
  2. the tshirt.
  3. great choices ~ very classy!
  4. yay!! A guy among us...Congrats on your collection!!!
  5. Chanel makes some very nice men's clothing, but you are right not much in accessories. The sport line is great though!
  6. great collection.
  7. I really like it, and it is quite sporty. Congrats on your new pieces.
  8. Great collection! Hmm...since I'm a guy, I may need to start looking at their sports collection too.
  9. cute!
  10. very nice!! love the sport line... congrats!
  11. Nice collection! You should come here - there seems to be a lot more in the boutiquesd for the guys.
  12. Cool collection, I love the mens stuff.
    That t shirt is really cool.
    Have you ever thought about getting a suit/ jacket ?
    I know they are super hard to find and wayy $$$$, but I think the recent clothes for men are sooo nice.
  13. Cool collection you have there !! :tup:
  14. very cool collection :smile:
  15. Very cool! My husband would never admit it, but I know he'd love to have a black J12. Every time we go to the boutique, he goes over to the display cases and drools.