I Am A Guy And I Want My Body To Smell Good

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  1. #1 Oct 15, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010

    I want my body to smell good (I am a guy).

    There are lots of fragrances out there, and I don't want to smell and try them all. I want to make a list of the best ones for me to smell and try, so I'm asking a bunch of people on the Internet what they think are good to smell and try.

    I want to know what you ladies like to smell on a guy.


    My lady friend wants my body to smell good:


    What I Am Looking For

    I am looking for fragrances that someone going after power would wear, not someone who has got power, but someone who is working to get that power.

    What Fragrances Should I Try?

    What fragrances should I try?

    Fragrances That Are Near Me

    Here are fragrances that are near me:







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    L'OCCITANE en Provence


    Thierry Mugler
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    Tom Ford

    Yves Saint Laurent

    Other stuff

    More stuff

    Thank you.
  4. I love ARMANI GIO on a guy!
  5. ^ I used to LOVE:love: that on my guy and now I don't like it so much...actually I can't stand it anymore. I'm after another smell for him...

  6. Yup! I agree, thats what my husband wears and its great!
  7. My favorite scent on a guy is Clinique Happy for Men. My boyfriend wears this... and I LOVE the way it smells on him!
  8. Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior, preferably the aftershave splash if possible.
  9. I like aqua di gio.
  10. YSL l'homme
  11. Hahahahahaha!
  12. Thanks bagaddicttttt, merekat703, and jordanjordan.

    Acqua Di Gio sounds like it's really popular with the ladies, but if we dated and I wore Acqua Di Gio, won't I just remind you of your ex-boyfriend(s) that wore it?

    I saw that one. I will add it to my list. Thank you PrettyInPink.

    OK cool. Thanks Cornflower Blue.

    I saw that one, too. I will add it to my list. Thanks sarasmith3269.
  13. D&G light blue is nice and so is Zirh- Corduroy. I remember I used to love this sent that came in a dark blue bottle a few years back, it wasn't so much designer but for the life of me I cant remember what its called. Thinking......
  14. hmmm... i just love the regular hugo!! mmmm i love it when my hubby wears it haha :P he also uses this givenchy one that smells good.. i just never heard of it.. xeryus or something?? of the pictures you listed.. the only one i have ever smelled is the clinique happy, which i love too!! :smile: