I am a Gucci newbie. What can you ladies tell me about this tote? :)

  1. I tried this bag on yesterday, and really liked it. I don't know anything about it though (such as the style name, how long it's been out, etc). Do you ladies think it's worth it to buy it? Most importantly, will it ever go on sale? :P Maybe you could also recommend other totes? Thank you all so much. :flowers:
  2. I believe this is part of Gucci's luggage line. The color changes every season and I think they put these on sale first week of December.
  3. Thank you for the information :flowers: How much will they go on sale for? And do they ever go to the outlets?
  4. When Gucci does their sale twice a year, I think it's 40% off leather and 30% off non leather... I'm not saying all their items go on sale but when the Gucci store does it, that's normally what the sale is.. Dept stores are different...In my experience they go on sale before the Gucci store does and they also do further markdowns...
  5. The classic line doesnt' go one sale....In my area store...these ones dont go on sale.....there is only a few monogram items that go on sale........and its usually part of the cruise line
  6. A SA at the Gucci store in Toronto told me the luggage line never goes on sale...
  7. i'm kinda attracted to this tote too. does it hold alot? cell pocket? i was looking online at the luggage stuff and actually like some pieces more than the regular handbags.
  8. Yes, it has a cellphone pocket and a large zip pocket. This bag holds a ton, I'm so glad I bought one :yahoo: Plus it's a refreshing change from my usual LV bags, I don't have to fear the rain with this bag. :wlae:
  9. :heart: I totally agree...i have the big one with orange trim and i loooove it!!:heart: But mine is veeeeeeery big!!!!:P