I am a GINORMOUS klutz

  1. So, I just went into the kitchen in my office to get some tomato juice. I thought I had the grip of the bottle pretty well, but unfortunately, it slipped, and spilled all over the floor, on my dress, my legs, and my MJ Mouse shoes. Thankfully, I'm wearing a black jersey dress and my shoes are patent leather, but unfortunately, I now smell like tomato and have three interviews to conduct today. I feel like a tool.
  2. The last time I heard of someone smelling like tomato juice is cos he was sprayed by a skunk and they soaked him in tomato juice as a last resort ditch to get rid of the stench :lol:

    Sorry, SuLi, don't mean to say that this is bad-funny. :angel: I hope you're alright. The tomato juice will wash off.:heart: :heart:
  3. Hehe.. oh Suli ! Too funny, but seriously - good luck on those interviews !
  4. Awww, sorry that happened to you. I remember losing my grip on a bottle of orange juice and the bottle bounced on my laptop and spilled a bit before I can grab it. And the time I dropped the tupperware full of soup.

    Good luck with the interviews. I'm sure you'll do fine!
  5. Sorry!!! I do stuff like that all the time, not that it makes it better. But better tomato juice than some awful anchovie juice??
  6. All that suxs ....
  7. Oo! Hopefully the juice didn't ruin your dress or shoes!
  8. Mini-update: I just realized that there is now tomato juice caked into my dress.

    I admit, it's pretty hysterical, but SO me to have spilled something on a day when it matters. I hope the people I have to interview today don't think I look strange and not want to work for us.
  9. wow that sucks, I hope your dress,and shoes are okay !
  10. awww Suli you don't have to worry!
    nobody will notice it!i am glad nothing got ruined your clothes&shoes
    have a wondreful day!:biggrin::biggrin:!
  11. Suli, speaking as a fellow klutz - you probably needn't worry about those candidates. They may think it's a kind of test :biggrin: They'll just pretend you're smelling normal. Or if one of them makes a really good joke about it - hire her or him for showing a sense of humour! :biggrin:
  12. At least you didn't spill it on a nice purse!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Oh my! That's too bad. Just to show you how much of a klutz I am. I was walking from the courthouse in VA to the garage and fell flat on my face! I couldn't believe it. I had all these people swarming to help me up!:shame: Plus I fell in my brand new 350 skirt from Saks, messed up my shoes, scraped my knee, and messed up my pedicure. My mother was seriously about to take me to the hospital because who in their right mind can't walk one foot in front of the other?
  14. I once was carrying home a bottle of BBQ sauce for DH from a business trip in Houston, and the bottle broke in my carry on bag. It was everywhere. My boss and I cleaned up as much as we could in the ladies room while they were calling final boarding, but the whole cabin of the plane smelled like BBQ sauce! Don't feel bad, as my sister used to say, "The moon must be in Klutz today."
  15. :yes: i agree!