I am a Gift Card Junkie! Anyone else?

  1. I am a gift card junkie! I carry them around in my wallet and dream about what little treasures I am going to get with them. It doesn't really matter where they are to; restaurants, target, starbucks, department stores, barnes and noble, trader joes....there is some guilty treasure everywhere.

    I know why I love them so, they seem to make guilty pleasures less guilty....

    ~Pay 3.50 for a coffee! Outrageous!:angel: ....ahhh, but I have a gift card, so it's 'free' :devil:
    ~Do you really need another book or magazine, you should use the library more! :angel: But you have a gift card, and you do read your books more than once. :devil:
    ~You shouldn't be eating out again! You need to cook more! :angel: You need to enjoy life and that's why you have the gift card. :devil:
    ~Don't buy those your chocolate covered pretzels, you're trying to lose some weight :angel: But so and so bought me this gift card to enjoy myself, just a few pretzels won't hurt! :devil:

    So do you love gift cards too? What are your favorites?
  2. Oh you are so not alone! I LOVE gift cards! My all time favorite is starbucks or Borders! I feel so gulity indulging myself,but with a gift card, there is not guilt at all!
  3. I LOVE gift cards. My taste seems to change quite frequently so it's the safest gift to give me! At least you know that I'll always get something that I like and if not, it's my own fault.
  4. I am a huge gift card person too!!! Especially Starbucks, because it keeps getting sooo expensive!!
  5. I love giving them and receiving them! I'd rather get a gift card than a gift..especially from my family..because I'm very picky.
  6. And it's like a double gift...first you get the gift card, then you get to pick something out :smile:
  7. I love gift cards...I like cards from Starbucks or any book store. Starbucks gift cards are my absolute fav, I hate paying for coffee.
  8. i totally agree with starbucks! great gift card! .. i gave one to one of my clients today for her b-day .. hope she loves it like we all do :]

    .. i also love itunes gift cards because i LOVE music! :]

    && u can NEVER go wrong with the VISA or AMERICAN EXPRESS gift card where you can use it ANYWHERE u want! LOOOOVE those! :]
  9. LOVE gift cards!!
  10. That's all that is in my wallet.....i can find a big enough card holder in my wallet to store them.
  11. Me, too! Especially Starbucks. : ) For holidays, my cousins and my brother all basically give each other gift cards, we always laugh about it, but everyone is happy that way!
  12. Funny, i HATE gift cards, especially ones for places/shops I'd never use....then I feel FORCED to buy useless things there....
    wish i got starbucks ones !!!!!!!!!
  13. I love them instead of gifts at Christmas/Birthdays then you can pick out something that you really want instead. Whats better than a gift-card?..... Cash! Hehe. My fave gift-cards are WH-Smiths so that I can buy books or John Lewis where you can buy anything.

  14. LOL, I don't like cash....because then it goes in the wallet and ends up going to hubby or the kids for lunch money...or slipping away without me knowing where it went, kwim?
  15. LOL, that's how I rationalize purchases too! I love love love gift cards. I have a few in my purse right now- Coach, iTunes, B&N and even McDonalds (LOL, my former coworkers got it for me for my drive to VA since they know I love sweet tea!).

    Plus, unlike cash, I don't feel guilty spending them! If I get cash as a gift from family, I feel like I have to be "responsible" and put it in savings-with gift cards that's not an option!!