I am a fan of pencil eyeliners...

  1. I have tried the smudge pots that you ladies mentioned. They do stay in place all day, but, they dry way to fast to even work with. I don't just want the "line" of an eyeliner. I want to be able to work with it. Help!
  2. Try Stila's kajal eyeliners. They have a lot of moisture in them and smudge really nicely. Also, Sue Devitt has some nice fat ones that are a little drier, but can also be smudged.
  3. I use BB gel liner and it doesn't dry out even after 6 months. You just have to remember not to leave it open for too long. As for the "line" look, it depends on how you apply with the brush. Mine looks pretty natural, no "line" look.