I am a disaster!

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  1. Oh my! I have NEVER had this much trouble deciding on bags in my life. I have bounced around b/t Galliera, Tivoli GM, Ebene Neverfull MM, and other LV bags. I then fell in love with a beige Prada hobo and bought that. I do love that bag, but think I am going to return b/c it will NOT keep it's cute hobo shape at all, so when you wear it, it's sort of just blah. And for that much $ I don't really want a blah bag!

    SO, back to LV. I think I'd like two bags really:
    1.) Damier Ebene Neverfull MM for a larger open tote
    2.) Either Galliera PM or Speedy 30 Mono

    Question for you guys- do you feel like Galliera will be a classic for several years (not like 20, but maybe 5) or is it trendy and at risk of going out of style?

    So, I guess the question is Galliera or Speedy 30? + the Neverfull?
  2. Galliera... Amazing bag... Comfortable, glam and has the most perfect smooshiest leather which creates a beautiful shape! I think it will be around for a long time!
  3. I'll go with the Galliera too..
  4. I bought my Neverfull when it first came out, 3 - 4 years ago. I used it everyday to work and it keeps its shape as good as I first bought it. It is both a beautiful and practical bag. It goes with absolutely anything, from jeans, work suit to pretty floaty dress. If you do not like a blah bag, neither do I, then please please stick to MM. It is the perfect size, GM is way too bag, I have seen it looks really bad on lots of people. Speedy 30 can be saggy too. The Galliera PM is beautiful, I was very tempted for it.
    I would suggest Galliera PM, or neverfull - both will be classic bags for a long time. :tup: Good luck.
  5. I would definitely get the Speedy, but if you're leaning more toward the Galliera, you should go for it. I don't own it, but I do own the Speedy 35 and NF MM and love them.
  6. Galliera PM
  7. I :love: my Galliera and also my NF MM in Damier ebene. The NF is so useful and hard wearing.
  8. Definitely the Galliera PM.......great bag!!!
  9. I guess the question should start as: Do you prefer a shoulder bag or hand held? If yes on hand held then get the Speedy.

    If you prefer a shoulder bag, then the next question should be: Do you like a simple low key design or loud and proud. There is also a significant difference in the price $700 to $1200 that can be taken into consideration. Oh yeah and the leather if you like the untreated or no fuss bag.

    I think the Neverfull and Galleria will still be popular in 5 years. I hope I helped! :smile:
  10. I actually have all three of them and LOVE them all. The speedy is a classic and you know it will never go out of style, but I honestly dont think the Galliera will go out of style either. I would pick the Galliera, bc it is so comfy and stylish
  11. I have all three of them too and the galliera is my favorite bag. It's really comfortable and it's just gorgeous. Good luck with your decision.
  12. Galliera PM! I'm wearing mine today. Still can't switch her off. It's beautiful!
  13. I also have all 3 and the Galliera is my favorite, it is just so pretty. But if you really need a knock around workhorse bag, then go for the NF MM in Ebene...I have been using mine all week and it is just so practical.
  14. I read your posts in the Prada forum. Sorry the hobo did not work out for you.
    I think both the NF and Galliera will be around for a long time. Both are modern shapes and with their widespread appeal, they will become classics IMHO.

    Galliera is a beauty. I like it even more broken in, so I say go for that.
    Then pair it with the speedy so you have a handheld.

    GL deciding!
  15. Thanks ladies & gentlemen!

    I do already have a Speedy 25 in Damier Ebene and I definitely want the Ebene Neverfull as a workhorse bag!

    So, looking for a mono print for daily bag :smile: Perhaps I am coming full circle to the Galliera. I do love a good comfy hobo! I love that Prada hobo, but it just looks all smushed when you carry it. I mean, Galliera is smooshier than other LV bags, but does still keep it's hobo shape. The Prada loses it's shape almost completely IMO. So sad!