I am a Damier failure!

  1. I have a horrible confession to make: I am sending my Damier Speedy 25 back to eluxury! I am getting a mono wallet instead.

    The Damier is beautiful, it really is. But it is just not me, and I know I'll never carry it. Also, the canvas is a little too flexible for my tastes. I prefer my mono speedy 25 and my batignolles horizontal, and between those and my Balenciaga's, I know there will never be time for the Damier.

    Everyone here is so CRAZY in love with the Damier speedy, so I feel like such a failure for returning mine. I am pretty sure the only reason I got one was because everyone else was so excited about them. I jumped on elux the day they came out and ordered one, and had it in my hands the next day. I felt like I had really accomplished something! *L*

    The rep at elux said she knew my Damier would go to a good home, since there were people on a wait list for the 25. I don't know if that is true, but it makes me feel better about returning it, knowing it will make someone else happy.

    There. I feel better to have that off my chest.
  2. awww...well I am sorry to hear that you dont love your damier line......but hey that gives you the chance to get something else your heart desires!!
  3. That's what's nice about elux...just return it! If it's not for you it's not for you! I ordered my 30 and when she gets here I will not hesitate to send it back if I don't absolutely love it! YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE, GIRL!
  4. :flowers: Awwww. That's ok, not every bag is for every one!
  5. Hey, I don't blame you at all. If it's just not you, return it and get something you love. Even though most here love Speedys, they didn't work for me. I tried the 25 and the 30 (mono), and while I love the look of them, I just didn't think the Speedy was for me. Do you think it's the Damier or the Speedy that you don't like?
  6. Oh no, I LOVE the speedy. I have a mono speedy 25 that I adore. I think it is the lack of stiffness in the Damier canvas that is bothering me. I just need a tad more structure. I also think that the Damier is much more professional and polished looking which sadly, does not go with my wardrobe! *L* I wear tees, jeans, capris and flip flops. I think if I wore professional clothing everyday, I would prefer the Damier. I think it is gorgous, just maybe TOO gorgeous for my clothing. Hope that makes sense.
  7. It's okay. I was never so in love w/ the damier speedy myself. I'm more of a mc speedy girl.
  8. We all like different things! I went into LV last night and wanted to see it for myself in real life since everyone was so excited about it. I, too, thought it was more supple and thought it was too dark for me. But it is fun to share in everyone else's excitement on this forum! I love it here!!
  9. 1. I agree totally with you...
    Ok....I'm feeling EXTREMELY bad also for having "doubts". :cry: ..and they are exactly the same issues you are mentioning. I'm on the fence about it...ugh...(i feel SOOO guilty).

    Especially since my poor dh went out of his way to pick it up for me.:cry: He's telling me not to feel bad...that in the end he just wants me to be happy and if I don't like it then to return it. Aww...:love: He's so understanding.

    I have issues w/ the canvas being too flexible, not as thick or whatever as the mono. The handles, and leather being "too dark" for me...not sure about it. Then looking like you say maybe too "dressy" so to speak IMO.(I also wear jeans, t shirts, etc. But then is that the real issue?? Cuz I wore some jeans and a t shirt, my birkenstocks..and it looked nice..but then there's the other issues. See?? Ugh...:sad: I then think..."it's not me". Also like you've mentioned. I also have 3 other speedies. I love them!! I just can't get passed these issues. <sigh> I am so ashamed.:sad:

    Then I think...maybe I'm just not used to it. The dark handles, etc. Maybe I'll get over it. Cuz it is so nice! I think it's a really nice bag, very pretty! I don't know if I got all hyped up...(this is) my only damier piece. I thought I love speedies, this will just be another type/print. But even that aside the "flexibility" of the canvas is a lil different IMO to the mono. So again...this bugs me. Then I see pics I took and posted of my bag and think.."it's so nice etc." I go back n' fourth.

    BUT, ...if I was so comfortable with it..I wouldn't be questioning myself about it.

    Then there's the issue of having the "in" bag. I like to have the latest bag. Watch in a few months I'll see someone with this bag..and kick myself for returning it. Ughhhhhhhhhh...But then I should REALLY like/love it?? It's packaged up ready to go back right now..earlier this a.m. I said.."I'm being silly...I'm gonna just keep it.." that was what 1 hr. ago...and now hear I am mixed up again.:Push:
  10. Vlad, Megs can we ban her?

    LOL Just kidding! Your a smart cookie to return an expensive bag you wont wear!!

  11. Good for you, not getting stuck with something you know you won't use!
  12. You are all so nice! It almost makes a person feel like there is something wrong with them if they do not love something that so many others do love.

    I know that I will love the new wallet, so I am feeling better about it all. Thanks everyone!
  13. What would you do if you were me?? Try to get over it and keep it (cuz I do LOVE speedies) or...return it?? HELP! :shocked: Maybe I should make a list of pros/cons. Hmm...sounds logical.


    Trying a new line of LV
    "In" (which appeals to me!)


    the canvas being a too suptle for me (like the mono feel/thickness or whatever better)
    the print being too dark
    feeling as though it's "too dressy" for what I like to wear
    the handles, leather tabs, etc. too dark for me
    doesn't feel like "me" my style; awkward not as comfortable like I feel w/ the mono

    Hmm..:hrmm: looks like I should return it. :amazed: ..ugh..but it is so nice. The suple part messes me up. That's the first thing I noticed.
  14. Don't be silly! I think it's nice that you are getting something you will use!:yes:
  15. LVCrazed....did you order from elux? It honestly sounds like you need to return it, but take a little more time if you need to. Make sure you know how long the return policy is and think it over a little more. Once I actually packed mine in the box, I felt so much better, like the decision was made. Either way, best wishes!