i am a completely new to ebay and need some advise. ro

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  1. so i want to sell a high end purse, and this would be my first listing, i don't want to sell it for anything less than what i paid for, atually i'm okay with selling it for what i paid for, and as you all know there's quite a bit of risk involved becuase i would have no feedbacks and thsi would be my first auction.
    what advise would you give me in setting up this auction? should i do a reserved price? should i set a buy it now? what's the best time to set up this auction? or any other recommendations would be greatly greatly appreicated...thanks so much!!
  2. Do you have absolutely no feedback on eBay? Is your asking price reasonable compared to other similar bags on eBay? If you have zero or very low feedback and you are trying to get back what you paid you may have a really hard time of it.

    In my experience the pictures sell the bag. Take lots of pictures of every detail in natural sunlight. I would not post less than 10 pictures in your auction and make sure they are large enough to see the bag.
  3. i am completely new, like zero anything....at most i may be able to get my friend to do it, but he would have like a couple feedbacks? alittle better i supppose
  4. Is it current season and sold-out/really hard to get hold of?

    Because, if it isn't, it is extremely unlikely, IMO, that a no/low-feedback seller could get anywhere near retail price for a bag that people can simply buy from the store.

    It would be too much of a gamble for most buyers.

    Maybe you could consign? You'd obviously have to pay a commission, though.
  5. it is sold out and hard to get...it was last season, not current season for sure. how do i consign? i'm not sure how that works
  6. What bag are you trying to sell?
  7. You can find sellers on eBay who will sell your bag for a consignment fee - normally between 25% - 40% of the final value of the auction.:yes:
  8. chanel, ultimate soft
  9. OMG! 25-40% that's insane...i think i'd rather risk loosing the listing fee and try it myself...it is brand new, i haven't even worn it, it'd hurt to give away 25-40%...ouch!

    anyhow, what's the most an auction can cost me?
  10. takeoutbox : I think you'll be able to apply for the Marketplace here on TPF soon? I'd just wait and see if a TPF'er wanted it :smile:

    But, if you really want to go down the selling on eBay route, I would suggest you sell smaller things first, I'd definitely be wary of a seller who never sold anything and suddenly has a BN Chanel bag.
    Good luck with whatever you decide though :smile:
  11. I would set your auction at the lowest price you're willing to sell it at. Reserve auctions turn away a lot of sellers that are unwilling to guess what your bottom price is. Like the others say, as a new seller with zero feedback, you may not get as many people willing to buy but you may still find a buyer (I am not that averse to buying from a newbie). If you have time, try buying a couple things on Ebay first so you can build up some feedback. And definitely take a lot of pictures!
  12. thanks for your advise...how do i apply to be in the market place?
  13. isn't the lowest price the reserve price? sorry, i'm not really sure what the difference is.
  14. yes, the reverse price is the lowest price u expect to sell.

    maybe u can start with lower starting bid, but put the reserve price with ur lowest price u're willing to let go so it'll be safer for you.
  15. My first listing on ebay was a Chloe Paddington from my personal collection. It was an '05 bleu nuit. My lack of feedback did prove detrimental but I sold it the second time around. It's really difficult to establish yourself in the beginning. People are understandably reluctant to heap a pile of money on a newcomer with no credentials. That was a couple of months ago and I've sold two more.

    I suggest you build your feedback score to 10 so that you'll be granted access to BIN (Buy It Now) and set the handbag's price at the lowest you're willing to accept. When you've accumulated 50 feedback your PayPal Buyer Protection Coverage automatically increases to $2,000.00 and that can also help.

    Feedback is acquired through buying and selling so I also shopped on ebay. You really can find some great bargains, but the "buyer beware" philosophy is ultimately proven true. Read the Seller's feedback and note the amount of coverage provided before purchasing.

    These measures are by no means foolproof but they do increase the odds of a mutually beneficial transaction.

    List some small-ticket items (DVD's, CD's, etc.) that tend to move pretty fast and you'll be on your way before you know it. Good Luck to you. :balloon: