I am a chicken or do i really need to be cautious?

  1. I am going to Barcelona next week and i have always felt save there. I've heard some stories lately about robberies and now i don't know if i should take a louis though i would really like to use them more often. What do you think?
  2. I think you'd be ok, as long as you don't venture off anywhere that slightly resembles a dark alley by yourself..I'm sure they'll be many other people carrying around Louis Vuitton in Barcelona...

    I totally went though this when I went to NY last summer with my Broadway..it turned out that I got a whole lot of use out of it than I thought..
  3. Always stay with somebody if you're not sure..... If I felt unsafe I'd just keep my LV's at home...... they do attract a lot of attention.......... or maybe I'd go with a damier or epi....... (now wishing I had an epi.......sooo beautiful!!)

    Bottom line-- just stay on your toes and try to have fun!
  4. Yeah I think you'll be ok too just as long as you stick to places where there's a lot of people around. :smile:
  5. bring a more inconspicuous one... and stay with groups, as everyone else is saying.
  6. I had no probs in Barcelona, there are many people around, and lots of people carry designer bags. But if you're worried don't bring a mono bag.
  7. Depends on what you will be doing. Bring one along but only carry it when you know where you will be going (restaurants etc...).
  8. i'm a chicken. i dont bring my designer bags when i travel.....but everyone else does. i just dont want to ruin the trip by having something happen to my bag.
  9. i'm a chicken too. i bring my small gucci messenger (its black so the monogram is hard to see) when i travel. i remember when i went to europe that everyone cautioned me on pick pockets.
  10. I wouldn't do it. I was in Barcelona with a friend in 2002. It was around 10 pm and there were TONS of people around. We were on a main street and some dude runs across from an alleyway and grabs my friends purse. Lucky for her it was a messenger style so it just dragged her down - he didn't get the purse.

    Get a messenger and keep the valuables (credit cards, passport ) close to ya or in the hotel safe. :smile: Just my 2 cents.
  11. I usually bring my bags when travelling but not my luggage, hate checking it in, incase I never see it again!
    Agree though about the messenger style if you are worried.
    Funny story, well not so funny at the time, I was in Naples with a friend, we travelled down on the train from Sorrento for the day. She had a messanger bag which she was just holding, a very excited Italian man kept pointing to her bag indicating that she should watch it, she wound it around her neck a few times he frightened her so much. When she got off the train the strap caught & almost choked her, could have been very serious!
  12. I'd pick something more understated than mono if you're the slightest bit concerned. Just be cautious on your own or in a crowd. As you know, petty theft and pickpocketing is rampant, esp in the areas of Europe I've traveled. Kids or adults, doesn't matter. They try to distract people or dash & grab whatever they can, quickly.

    Whatever bag you choose, just be cautious but not paranoid and enjoy your trip! If you have a bag with outer flaps or pockets, keep it turned toward your body. I had a GF who had a backpack with outer flaps and buckles, and actually put twist ties on them to discourage pickpockets. Sounds like overkill, but it worked for her.

    have a wonderful trip!!