I am a Chanelholic - feel my pain(or joy!!!)

  1. My name is gMbt and I am a Chanelholic!!!I joined tpf about a month ago and have learned so so much about Chanel bags through this forum-for which I am thankful for.I visit the forum almost everyday and before I knew it,I'm addicted!I was a Chanel fan before I found this forum but never to this extent...now I BREATH CHANEL!!Arghhh I'm crazy!!The only place I will get some sympathy from is tpf...all Chanel-lovers out there feels my pain no?!
    For the past 4 weeks,roughly when I started at tpf,I've made 7 Chanel purchases....................1 was an anniversary gift from my bf though(so that shouldn't count right!?).I bought 3 Chanel necklaces-2 of which are shown here..I'll take a pic of another one soon.The first bag of my December-January obsession is the silver Chanel Hollywood Flap.I didn't even like the bag when I first saw it but when I tried it on at the boutique,I was sold!!Then Christmas holiday came and I had a lot of free time on my hand,I started searching for my HG - the metallic gold luxury bowler!!!!I searched everywhere..online,called all the boutiques,etc.My bf was scared for me that I became so obsessive! :p Then I found the black patent luxury bowler instead..seeing that I was not about to find my HG any time soon I settled.I just love the luxury bowler style.I am still waiting for the bag to be delivered which should be in about an hr-- WOOT WOOT!!It's on Fedex delivery vehicle now..:yahoo:
    Now on to my next purchase or gift??Well my anniversary's coming up..and my lovely bf bought his poor Chanel-crazy gf a dark silver reissue(size 225)for me!!Or more like I've hinted to him :graucho:..HAHA!I :heart::heart::heart:it!I am all for big bags but the 225 is so compact and small that I couldn't resist.I have to thank all tpf Chanelholic here at tpf for all the pic and info provided here in the forum.This is a place where I first learned about the reissues!!Thank you for introducing me to my new beloved :love:.
    Okay,I realise I'm only on to my 6th Chanel.I'll come back to update soon with my 7th purchase..........you would never guess what it is!It's also on it's way on Fedex delivery vehicle!!I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS.I will come back with more pic,promise!!:okay:
    DSCF2685.JPG necklace.jpg
  2. I am a Chanelaholic also- I cannot wait to see the rest of your pics
  3. Wow, that's a great Chanel haul in 4 weeks time!

    Where did you find the black patent Luxury bowler? And I can't wait to see what your 7th Chanel purchase will be, how exciting!

    Let the Fedex guy hurry up!! :woohoo:
  4. FEDEX ARRIVED..with 2 boxes may I add!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    I couldn't open the boxes fast enough.
    I'll show you one first.Here's my brand new black patent luxury bowler :lol:!
    bf.JPG bnf.JPG
  5. love, love, love this bag!!!!
  6. The boutique in Bangkok!Last one :smile:.
  7. Gorgeous :love:
  8. You lucky duck!! :yahoo:
  9. You are a chanelholic LOL

    Don't worry, we all are - you belong here. The other day, I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt with "Channel 7" on it and I sniggered at her "fake" t-shirt before I realised it meant "Channel" as in "TV channel", not "chanel." Sigh - I'm off to bash my head against the wall.
  10. The dark silver 2.55, the silver Hollywood Flap and the necklace.
    reissue.JPG cruisef.JPG hollywood.JPG
  11. wooooowwwww congrats LOL
    i can feel u too :p
  12. Wowee......what a good haul....and all in 4 weeks. You go girl!!!! TPF is the perfect place to be for Chanel crazies like us!!!!
    Love all that you've bought esp. the luxe bowler.
    So now...what's no. 7? Can't wait!
  13. I can feel your pain. You're in the right place. I love the dark silver 2.55 that you just got. I'm thinking of getting one but with all the pictures from the trunk show, I'm going mad. Too many choices. Huhuhu.
  14. [​IMG]



    I can feel your excitement reading your post! Love your choices!!! It's addicting, huh? I have the dark silver too and you will just love that bag!!! Congrats and enjoy!! :yes:
  15. wow, stunning collection.....you sure work fast, girl! Congrats! That's what the tpf will do to you!