I am a bad girl! 3 LV's in 3 days (almost)! LOL!!

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  1. Well, I'm off to a good start LV bag wise!

    *Tivoli GM last week
    *Galliera GM TODAY!
    *Marina GM Mini Lin in red TODAY! (must decide between this or the Berkley in Azure)

    Woo Hoo; shopping over the phone is FUN! :yahoo: :P :heart:

    I wanted to add that I could NEVER had made these choices without the help and info from the wonderful ladies (and gents) here at tPF. You all are truely a great group! :yes:
  2. Bad, bad girl! Congratulations!
  3. Wow ,nice haul.
  4. so jealous!! I"m waiting for Eluxury to carry the Galliera..waited all month for the debut today..:shame:
  5. Congrats, awesome haul!!!
  6. congrats on all those great bags.
  7. wow, great start! congrats.
  8. Wow!!! Great bags!
  9. post some pics when you get them.:yes:
  10. Congratulations, great choices...pics???
  11. Nice! Congrats!
  12. awesome! congrats, can't wait to see pics of your new haul!
  13. Oooh.. that's wonderful, you must post pics!!
  14. MMMMMMM Tivoli Gm and Galleria.... HOT
  15. ohhh...congrats. ;)