I am a B-Bag Virgin....and really, really want....

  1. JUST ONE!!! The black and white striped tapestry bag!!! Are they impossible to come by????
  2. no, the pop up on eBay every once in a while. burukeopanda (sp) has one , or had one for sale. you can ask her about it i guess.
  3. I LOVE that too Anne!!!!!!!!!! What style bag are you craving? I long for the courier big time!!!!!!!!!
  4. Are you talking about the b/w damask striped Day? I love that bag too!!
  5. if u really want just one...why not consider something more classic ... something that will last...personally i'd go for the plain black...

    but good luck anyway :smile:
  6. G'luck on ya search, and ya "wishful thinking" that you only want ONE Bbag :p

    One is never enough :graucho:
  7. What I love about this bag is how different it is!!!! I love a unique handbag!!!
    On another note...I was at the Joyce outlet here in HK today, and they had the pants and the skirt on sale for a mere pittance!!! I did not buy, but they were cute!!!
  8. I have no idea of the names of the different styles...I am a complete novice...but the one with the two handles:shrugs: !
  9. Please can you help me, i know you have the mini twiggy but what other sizes do they have in that twiggy shape... This will be my first b bag and i want it to be a twiggy but i want it to be bigger than that mini twiggy.Cheers sam
  10. they do pop quite a lot on eBay!

    good luck :yes: