I always see a lot return items at Nordstrom

  1. the tags of those return items are re-attached.
    the original should be a navy blue strap with a white "marc jacobs" plastic tag. however i see MOST bags are attached by a plastic strap and a "required for return" sticker on it.
    i don't think we can return a bag without the original strap right?
    i guess those are returned by the company employees.:shrugs:
    i was really disappointed.
    after that, i decided to buy at a more high class department store like Saks, NM.

    does anyone here have the same experience? let's share;)
  2. I'm not really sure what you're saying... Could you clarify what you mean "... those are returned by the company employees"? Nordy's is my favorite department store. Although Saks and NM may have more high -end designer bags, I think Nordy's beats them hands down in terms of customer service and value.
  3. vinvinbe - i went to a Nordstrom today and noticed the same thing! most of the MJ items had return tags on them. when i see that on a bag i'm kind of hesitant to buy the bag. b.c it 's like somewhat used?? well you dont really know if they did or not but still, you're not the first to purchase it that's how i feel.
  4. =/ i always try not to buy a bag from a department store

    luckily i'm from a city where there are stores like gucci, lv, marc by marc jacobs, chanel, burberry, coach, etc.

    i guess i'm just picky.

    i was looking at this one bag, with the sticker on it. and this sales person tried to argue her way into convincing me that it wasn't a return, etc.

    then why does it have a sticker?

    her reply. "sometimes it comes with stickers! (don't you think it could be a transfer from another store?)"

    and her "sometimes we put stickers there (why would you do that? you have it in a order, that you follow with the register's transaction, ringing up wise)"

    needless to say i just walked away.
  5. Many customers abuse the flexible return/exchange policy of department stores like Nordstrom; many boutiques (including Marc Jacobs) only allow store credit for items returned within 7-day of purchase. (If I remember correctly) Neiman Marcus and Saks don't place stickers on the tags like Nordstrom/Bloomies/Macy's (sticker allows a previous transaction to be brought up without a receipt), we wouldn't know if their items are returned. Without the those stickers, NM/Saks require receipts for any future transaction (return/exchange).

    Based on my experiences, stores accept returns without the original strap and/or tags; I have seen styles without any of those at NM/Saks.

    Some stores place the original tags inside the pockets, others just leave them hanging on the string. It's not true that those are returned by company employees.

    In my opinion, Nordstrom beats NM & Saks hands down in terms of customer service.
  6. I thought that the original string was black for the Marc Jacobs tags. Sorry...just being annoying :shame: .

    But anyway, I had a charge-send of a MJ Stam and it came to me with the tags completely cut off. They stuck everything in a pocket inside of the bag. It really annoyed me that they did that. And, the purchase was from Neiman's.
  7. My worst experience with returned bags has been with Neimans. They sent me an obviously used B-bag with no tags and quite a bit of grime and wear. They also pulled a fake B-bag from the back to show me (that someone else had returned). I have never had any problem with Nordstrom. In fact, one time I was going through the sale table and noticed a Kate Spade bag I suspected was used. I told the SA and the bag was immediately removed from the sales floor.
  8. In terms of the "stickers" being on the tag of items, there's a whole background story which will bore you, but I'll share... They're called "shanks."

    At first, shanks were generated by a little printer that printed out barcodes and some numbers on a sticker when you purchased something. The SA would then have to put the sticker to the corresponding tag. This had a tendency to slow down transactions, especially when people bought a lot of items at once since a bunch of stickers would print out at once after the transaction was completed. The SA would then have to match up the shank with the right tag.

    So then Nordy's moved to shanks with barcodes already imprinted on them. So when they'd scan the price tag, they'd then scan a pre-printed shank and put it on the tag. No slow down on matching them up. But it still slows things down a bit since you have to take the shank off and put it on the tag.

    In order to improve efficiency, Nordy's started putting shanks on everything ahead of purchase. But now they've moved on to two barcode price tags. One bar code has the price info and the other bar code with have the purchase transaction info.

    I know I'm totally putting everyone to sleep with the my Shank Story, but I think it's best to be completely informed before assuming that a SA is lying about whether or not a bag is a returned item.

    You have the opportunity to look the bag over as much as you like and decide from there whether or not to purchase it.
  9. ^Well put wicked. It is YOUR pregogative whether you want to buy the bag in question or to return it if it looks like it was used.
  10. Same here. I bought an MJ Sophia a few years back that had a small sample vial of fragrance in one of the front pockets! (Of course, I didn't find it until I already had it home.) That made it less onerous on my conscience when I returned it to NM myself 3 months later. :rolleyes:
  11. Yup, agree. I always inspect items before buying.

    It's okay to try the bag at home with various outfits.
    I find it so wrong when consumers return a used bag. I have seen an obviously used Chanel Reissue at my local NM a few months ago, the previous owner really had some nerves!
  12. Ugh..... I tend to always inspect items thoroughly as I do not want a used item that has been returned. I feel that some SA want to get rid of items that have a return sticker bar code on them before giving out the new items which sucks. Once I purchased a mac brush from Nordstroms. Upon returning home, I found out it had been returned before I purchased!! I took out the brush and iridescent powder fell out of it! Talk about gross and unhygenic!!! I cannot believe the SA gave me that one!! Sometimes I wish I could just buy and go like I feel everyone else does but this experience is yet another lesson that confirms that I always need to check.