I always miss out on Ink!

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  1. I always miss out on Ink auctions and I am tired of it. I only miss out by a mere $20 or less too, which makes it heart breaking. I have an Ink First on my wish list, but I am so desperate I would go for any style of Bbag as long at it were Ink. Oh Ink where are you? Am I obsessed? Should I just chill out for a while? :crybaby:
  2. oh, i'm so sorry to hear that :sad:
    but hold on and relaxed a bit, the right ink will come to you when it meant for you :P
  3. im sure it will come up very soon :smile:
  4. I pretty much felt like you only that I had set my heart on an ink day or city, I finally found an ink day and ended up paying over retail (shipping incl.) but I'm so happy. So just be patient it will come your way!
  5. kitegirl -

    Barney's NY in Chicago on Oak Street had an INK FIRST yesterday when I was there!!! :nuts: