I always loved a man in uniform...

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  1. I found my ICP Pilot today! Since my sis jennirane gifted me the GZ Pilot at Christmas, I have been on the hunt... these are the PERFECT everyday wallets for women who carry multiple bags (like me). It would SHOCK you to see the crap I have to haul on a job- and I had given up on carrying anything remotely cute because of the extra baggage.

    Not anymore. With the Pilot, I can carry my lipgloss, cash, cards, iPhone (a must for me!), and the odd tampon or two when needed- all without adding the need for a purse! I want to hoard these for when I wear one out... oh please HH... please bring them back!:heart:
  2. Cool! The ICP looks beautiful. You found one at a B&M store?
  3. Great pic! It looks like a little ad--makes me want yet another one :tup:
  4. :wlae:I found it at a Von Maur! Lucky me!!
  5. Did they have any VCP ones (hoping against all hope)?
  6. Thanks- I couldn't believe what I fit into it- so I decided to "show and tell". I really wish they hadn't discontinued it:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  7. Don't know- it's worth a phone call, though. I think Von Maur will ship for free... Good luck:smile:
  8. "To have ambitions was my ambition"
    -- GoF

    Whoa...those pilots are cool. Congrats on your success!
  9. I'd let this Pilot take me anywhere...:cloud9:
  10. Oooh! I like it. I can't wait for my ICP wallet to get here.
  11. I saw the tan crinkle pilot on Amazon.com today. Unfortunately it is at full price, but just in case it's exactly what someone needs . . . :graucho:
  12. I LOVE these....would love to have a ICP, but am happy to have a GZ one. I vote for bringing them back too!
  13. I have one in TCP, but I haven't even tried it. I am so enamoured of my Clutch Wallets, that I can't imagine trying anything else right now.

    I am very happy for you though. I know how great it feels to finally find something you have been wanting so badly!

    Did they ever make a VCP Pilot?
  14. The Pilot is amazing! I have one in indigo crinkle patent also and love it to death.
  15. Wow... your pic is AMAZING!! You are a great photographer HOTTIE!
    Makes me appreciate the Pilot even more!!
    Hope you can find more....