I always feel so lame

  1. when i walk out of a store empty handed.

    there were so many wonderful things in the store today. carlys and ergos and wristlets and keyfobs and scarves and so much more...and i left with nothing! why must i let my sensible side always win out?

    :sad: :confused1: :cursing: :yucky: :push: :wtf:
  2. I'm sorry - don't feel lame though, sometimes nothing calls out, and it just saves more for those times when EVERYTHING calls out!!:graucho:
  3. Oh I just wish I had a Coach store to walk out of empty handed, however I know what you mean, when I was at the Coach outlets on vacation for my 3rd time I didn't buy anything that go round, and I felt bad, but I was shopping for my kids not ME! lol
  4. I went today and walked out empty handed too! (Mainly because I already did too much damage to last me for a while) Just remember that you deserve to treat yourself once in a while too!
  5. I wish I could do that a little more often!!!
  6. Being sensible is never lame. ;)

    At least you will be able to justify buying something the next time!
  7. Dont worry! i walked out with the cheapest thing in the store! A smiley face keyfob!!! 30 bucks baby!!!
  8. Sometimes it just has to hit you. A few weeks ago I was able to pick up the denim patchwork tote bag. I had looked at them last year and passed, but always wanted one in the back of my mind.

    Well, they had just arrived at the outlet a few weeks ago, and besides being marked down, there was an additional 20% off. So, I grabbed it as it was the last one on the shelf. The distressed vintage leather is so nice on this bag, so heavy and rich looking and the leather just smells so great. I love it!
  9. if it is meant to be it will happen!! good finds like that always happen to me (mostly at macys, the outlet is too far from me)
  10. i bet the legacy line will go on sale at macys like around mothers day
  11. Gosh, I wish there was a Macy's close to me. Dillard's is never on sale!!!
  12. Don't feel bad! I haven't been to a boutique yet but I think I'll be going this Wednesday. I'm scared for what damage I'll do!

    I just keep telling myself, I deserve something nice every now and then. I'm getting sick of having to buy stuff at WalMart just because I want to save money. If I'm gonna get a purse or accessory, it's going to be a nice one that will LAST! I don't feel so bad putting out 98.00 for a patchwork wristlet that I'll wear with basically everything all summer. Then I'll get something new in the fall. I'm limiting myself to like one or two small items per season for now. I'll have to really save up for my Carly bag though. Sigh.
  13. don't feel lame ;)
  14. Not lame.
    It's called smart shopping.
  15. Oh, I totally know what you are feeling. I only get purses for special occasions or for birthdays/christmas so I'm constantly walking out without something.

    It's actually kind of painful. :smile: