I alwas come to late

  1. I saw a picture with a LV Vernis in PEPPERMINT...:wtf::drool:

    So...:graucho: I'm looking for a bag, a clutch, a "small leather good" of second hand in this colour... I looked in internet but I didn't find it... anybody has ideas or sites where to see?

    PS: I think that this "craving" is dued to my pregnancy!!!:rolleyes:

  2. set up a favourite search on eBay, they do come up but it's hard to find them in good condition they do have some discolouration & transfer issues

    it is beautiful though
  3. Or you could email let-trade and let him know which one you're looking for. It is a gorgeous colour isn't it ?
  4. I don't know let-trade; is it a site?
  5. My little brother said the small bags look like a bar of zest soap! LOL! Good luck on your search!
  6. Try eBay. I checked yesterday and I saw three. Good luck.
  7. Try eBay or let-trade.

  8. I saw just one... but no possibility for me because the seller (a tPF member :smile:) does not ship out of US!:crybaby: I was so sure to buy it... it's not a matter of money... I wanted that bag....

    I don't see the other two...

    For Ghost55: I didn't know "thesnob"... I GO!!!!:yes:


  9. Let-Trade is a legit LV reseller. Here's his site: http://www.let-trade.com.
  10. Thanks... I saw in let-trade: nothing available or sold in vernis peppermint....

    :shame: ...nobody of you want to sell a peppermint bag/purse?

  11. [​IMG] Houston $891.00[​IMG] $360.00 wallet[​IMG]$300.00

    Thesnob.biz...They all lool like they are in great condition!
  12. I think I know where you can a peppermint lexington and ludlow that are mint. I know someone selling hers. I'll pm you.
  13. Wow girls THANK YOU!!! (my husband is laughting and says: couldn't you have common pregnant craving such as chocolate and french fries?)
  14. Sorry... in the second picture of the snowbitz I see a "cut" near the zip, in the middle (near the finger: there is something white): do you see it?
    Is it normal?
    I try to put the pic, thank you, :heart:Steph.