I also went to LV today.....

  1. I had the mini lin speedy on hold. I tried it and wasn't super impressed. I loved the pebbled leather and the contrast stitching....but it was the material I didn't like. I don't like the fact that it can get runs in it and get little fuzz balls. For $700 no thanks!
    I loved the color though....so I ended up buying the mini lin cles. I figure if it gets beat up it was a lot cheaper ($165 in case anyone was wondering). I'll post pics a little later (I'm decompressing from a long day of driving and walking in Chicago).
    My SA was really trying to sell it though....saying that her manager spilled water on one and it rolled right off. But also said that if I didn't love it I shouldn't get it. It was just for that amount of money....it's just cloth! I was thinking of getting a regular mono cles anyways....so this way at least I have something from the line.

    I also confirmed my wait list for the groom items...and she also said the Michigan Avenue store will be have a launch party too...where a guy dressed as a groom will be standing on the street opening the doors and such. She said she'd call and let me know about it. I doubt I'll take another trip in for it.....but I can't wait for groom!
  2. It's too bad that you didn't like it, but hey, that's super cute to hear about the launch for the groom (with a real groom - I'd be there just to take my picture with him !).

    I can't wait for pictures of the cles ! :yes:
  3. Ya, I saw the mini lin speedy 30 and like you I wasn't impressed with the fabric too. They only have 3 left when I was there on Friday and the one speedy I was looking at already have some mini fuzz balls on it! I can just tell that it's going to get worst as you use it more. I was also thinking of buying the mini lin cles but I passed it up, figuring that I'll wait for the groom line or damier azur to come out.

    At least you bought a cles so your trip there wasn't a waste. :flowers:
  4. You're so cute, Ayla! :roflmfao:
  5. The groom launch...did she give you a date? I am still getting different dates from my fave SAs. One says the event will be the last two days of Sept. & the other says no event & on the 25th. This is driving me nuts!

    I was wondering about the Minilin pilling too. Did the SA tell you that it does or have you heard from somewhere else? I hope you love your Cles & get the Groom stuff soon, it's so cute.
  6. I agree, maybe it was the color too. I had to pass. I'm patiently waiting for other items to launch that i will truly LOVE.
  7. FYI in case you guys are aware...the mini lin line is not limited. It is part of the permanent line.
  8. Congrats on you new Cles!:yahoo: I love the colour and fabric of mini-lin. Really hope they'll treat it somehow in the future just like they did with the mini monogram.
  9. I agree with you twiggers...I was not so impressed with the speedy and that material...it wasn't structured or durable enough for me...but glad you got the cles!!! cant wait to see it!
  10. Wow- I really love my mini lin! I have carried it everyday since Wednesday (I know that's not a long time and I did receive the bag early) but I have no fuzz balls or snags! It goes with so much and I have already had two complements!
  11. The SA didn't say anything about snagging....but when I looked real close at the fabric you could see little lines running through it and there was a little fuzz ball at the end of one of the lines. I'm thinking kinda like panty hose before the huge run starts...KWIM?

    As for the groom.....she didn't give me a date.....just said that it will be happening soon. I'll start bugging her around the 20th. I also asked if they had any groom pieces in that I could look at real quick (I know Laurence's store did) and she said no.

    Lee: That would be great if they did that. Maybe if the sales are slow and the SAs keep hearing similar complaints on why people aren't going through with the purchase.

    My hubby thinks I bought something....anything...only because I was there lol I told him I needed to start diversifyng my LV collection (it's all mono with only one damier piece)....he just rolled his eyes.
  12. Twiggers: Glad your shopping expedition went well. After yesterday's game, I think every one needed some cheering up today.
  13. awww SMith....I totally hear ya! I needed some retail therapy!

    Here is what the mini lin booklet says about care:

    Even though the canvas us protected by an anti-stain treatment, light colors remain sensitive to dirt
    You can clean the canvas by delicately wiping it with a slightly humid and soaped cloth (neutral soap) avoiding contact with the leather trimmings

    They recojmmend storing it in dustbag and keeping away from humidity and heat.

    Doesn't say anything about snags, runs, fuzz balls. I guess time will tell.
  14. :sad: I hope there won't be much pilling or anything. Now I'm scared to even think about my Speedy coming. Always a good reason to return though eh? :graucho: