I also saw the new Legacy Stripe Tote

  1. That bag is a little too colorful for me. I tend to get handbags that are more neutral.
  2. I love that bag although I have always wondered how the lining holds up. Not that I'm like Hulk Hogan with my bags, but I do use them and well.
  3. I saw it at Nordstrom also but I was not to crazy about it.
  4. i dont like how they made it that way it makes it easier to buy a fake one they already put coach on the fake ones and now the real one has it how do u know if ur buying a real or fake one of those they should have left it like the katy...
  5. awww, I kind of like it! thanks for sharing. can't wait to get that new catalouge.
  6. It's super cute but I would worry about myself snagging it somehow - ? I need to keep my legacy stripes on the inside, I'm afraid.
  7. Dillards had a few out today. I would worry about it getting snagged on stuff and ending up with little pulls on it.
  8. AHHH .. i went to Nordstroms today and saw the legacy stripe tote in person. when i first saw it in the catalog and then online, i thought it was just ok.. but after i saw it in person.. ahhh i loved it!




    the duo is so cute in person. VERY cute with a casual outfit. after seeing it and feeling it in person, i fell in love. the material feels very sturdy, and it feels just as sturdy as the signature stripe tote. ok, so together with the tote and wristlet would be about $400... need to acquire $400....
  9. Not my style, but I do think it is a beautiful bag! I like the stripe and gold duo.

  10. Buy it from the Coach store. or authorized dealers. and you'll know you have the real one
  11. :tup:

    ^^^Also, I'm not sure where you are in the Bay Area, but the manager at Coach I shop at said they are planning to open a Coach boutique at Oakridge Mall. (Also, stores coming to Capitola and Modesto.)
  12. The bag is cute! Love the stripes in my bags, but on the outside is too much for me. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals.
  13. I'm in san jose. at oakridge mall, interesting... since we already have one at valley fair and the two malls are only about 15 miles apart. but that's good to know, since if i get bored of the vf boutique, i can drive down to oakrdige. thanks for letting me know! =P
  14. I thought it was kinda weird too, but she said they are trying to make that mall a bit more upscale.

    To get back OT, I agree that that wristlet with the tote will be awesome! How bout a French wallet to go with it!! :graucho: