I also had fun at LV yesterday!


Jul 6, 2006
I don't know if we are all avoiding the price increase or taking advantage of the Sak's promo but it looks like a lot of TPFr's went to LV yesterday including me!

I totally took advantage of the Sak's offer that ended Saturday. I bought over $400 worth of shoes and received the $150 gift card! I asked the Shoe SA if I could use it right away and he said yes!

I got 3 Tory Burch shoes, a pair of gold & pair of brown revas and a pair of flip flops (to help get me over $400). I then ran over to the LV Counter. I had every intention of buying the Beverly Clutch, I've had my eye on it for awhile. But.. my SA suggested I try on the Eva and I just loved it! I love how it can be worn with the long strap, cross body... and the gold chain hangs...then you can remove the long vachetta strap and use the gold chain as a shoulder bag! I really liked it and it was cheaper than the Beverly clutc! So I got the Eva for $390 after they took off the gift card!

Excuse the background but here's my new Eva and my brown Tory burch ballet flats which match perfectly. They had to order the gold Tory Burch flats and flip flops for me so that will come hopefully this week



Oct 9, 2007
OMG! That looks sooo cute together! You are going to love that bag this summer!! Other seasons too! It looks soo great on you!! Congrats!! :tup:Love the jeans!