I already miss Jill!!!!!!

  1. Her plane hadn't even left yesterday and I already was missing her. :crybaby:

    Anyone else feeling blah without her and jillybean around?:crybaby:

    Does anyone want to place bets on who will spend more? :roflmfao:

    OK, that's an easy one. Jill wins hands-down.:wlae:

    But let's try to guess what she will come back with? :rolleyes:

    I'm thinking she will come back with more Prada than anything else. Anyone else venture a guess?
  2. Prada I am sure!! I am not sure what Jillybean will bring back though. I am going to call them tomorrow and see how it is going!! I bet they are having a blast!
  3. More beautiful Prada from Jill!!!!
  4. im hopefully going to see them on sunday soo woohoo.. hehe i have to call tomorrow and make arangments
  5. Maybe they will log in from a cyber cafe or something, and give us a progress report! How fun that you will get to see them, Baby Boo!
  6. Hopefully they won't forget about us shopping in Paris. However, if someone let me loose in that area, I might forget about everything. I think it would be like the 5th Ave effect in NYC. Can you imagine what their LV, Chanel and Hermes stores would be like?
  7. Are they bringing back LV snowglobes for everyone:nuts: :graucho: Just kidding, I know they're probably having a blast:wlae:I'm soo jealous:sweatdrop:
  8. I think they were landing today, showering, changing and then shopping. I was going to text her but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  9. OMG im missing them too, Paris has got the benefit of them :P
  10. I am missing them but am so happy that they have had such a great opportunity to get away and have fun. A trip well deserved. They have picked up some really great things but i will never tell....lol Paris will indeed never be the same..lol
  11. What does everyone think they bought? Do you know Douls? I texted Jill tonight but hadn't heard back then I saw it was 1:34 a.m. in Paris. LOL.
  12. I just talked to them!! Sounds like they have done damage to all of the cruise lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party: for them! Can't wait to see their pics!
  13. I miss the Jills too!!! I'm glad to hear they're having a blast!
  14. I heard from them this a.m. They are on their way home. Yay!!!
  15. We're back! I'll let Jill tell our stories since she definitely had an interesting trip through customs!

    We had a fabulous time. Jill's an awesome travel buddy, and the girl can shop. We both picked up some great treats! I got an amazing red Chanel bag and a pair of brown Dior gaucho ballet flats as my big treats for myself. As soon as I'm not so jet lagged I promise to share pictures, but I am soooo darn tired, it's an effort to even type this! Just wanted to quickly check in.

    We have hundreds of pictures and stories to share!

    PS. Megs, we weren't really as drunk as we sounded last night. We were just really thrilled by the idea of French Coca Puffs.