I already have the MC trouville...r/o

  1. Hello ladies,
    Please help me out. I already have the white MC Louis Vuitton trouville, but I'm also in love with the new white MC Priscilla. Should i buy the Priscilla and use it as an "everyday" bag? I gave my little sister my monogram speedy 25 so I need a new bag. The trouville looks a bit dressier than the priscilla, no? thanks in advance.:biggrin:
  2. LOL choices ...
    I love that that bag as well and have the same question. I have a Mc speedy in white but man that priscilla would be so much lighter. I love the mc trouville but after seeing one in person in the mall i think its too small. So i think now i'd go for the priscilla but in which the black or white, because i have a blk mc alma too.

    But back to your question. I think the priscilla would be a great everyday bag. What about black, if you already have a white mc? I do agree tho that the trouville is dressier and would be nice when you dont have to carry much.

    Sorry i'm not much help..
  3. The Priscilla in black looks fabulous. You can have both a Trouville and a Priscilla, no doubt about it. They are different enough and serve different purposes.
  4. I'm in love with the trouville. I like the priscilla but I don't like how it has the vachetta in the front of the bag that much. When it oxidizes, I'm not sure if I'll still love it as much as the trouville, so I pick the trouville. I also wouldn't mind having both though.
  5. I don't see anything wrong with having both the Trouville and the Priscilla!
  6. The Pricilla would look lovely in black MC. Go for it! Love both bags!
  7. I say go for the it! I see the priscilla as more of a casual bag and it'll definitely make a cute everyday bag.
  8. i'm in exactly the same dilemma :wacko:! i have the white Trouville too, but i'm beginning to like the white Priscilla. as if i need yet another bag to fawn over.