I already have a Speedy 30. Should I buy a 35 or a 40?(PICS)

  1. I already have a Damier Speedy 30. And I also have a Mono 30 but I don't like that situation, that I have two bags with the same size. So I will sell my Mono 30 and I would like to buy a 35 or a 40.
    I'm 5'3" for reference...
    I think the difference between the 30 and the 35 is not really big, so the 40 would be a really difference and the price difference is so small!

    I will use the new Mono Speedy (35 or 40) for work and school bag and sometimes for shopping!

    I've got some pics of me with Speedy 30 and a 35(which I sold a year ago and I really regret it!!)So you could tell me if I would look ridiculous with a 40...

  2. Hey, if you really need the 40 then go for it! I think the 35 is plenty big and looks fantastic on you-- maybe just re-buy that one?

    BTW I am not the best person to ask because I own no fewer than 3 size 25 Speedies! LOL!
  3. 35...I think the 40 would look a little too big on you
  4. Love that you have the damier (fab bag) but I say get the Mono 35, it'll look great on you. I think the 40 will be too big as you're quite small.
  5. Love your pics. I think you should go for the 35. The 40 looks too big in the hand to me. It's fine in the hand as a travel bag but not a purse. The Watercolor is coming this Spring in the 35....maybe consider that one!
  6. I'm looking forward to getting a 40 later this year... but I'm a big girl and look ridiculous with the 25. My opinion... I think the 40 may be too big for you. The 30 looks gorgeous.
  7. I think the 40 would be too big ... the 35 would be a great size! I have it in Mono and I love it!
  8. I honestly think the 30 looks best on you. 40 would definitely look too overwhelming!
  9. You could get away with the 35 but the 40 would be too big. It would look like you were carrying luggage. I love your grey coat in the first pic btw. So cute!
  10. i agree with the others... 35 is the good size to you..
  11. speedy's look great on you! i'd stick w/ the 35; filling up a 40 would be so heavy on the crook of the arm.
  12. I really don't know what do to...I was in the LV Store in Zurich yesterday and I tried on the 40 and the 35. My friends told me to buy the 40 because there I could put all my school stuff in it and the 30 and 35 would look like the same sizes.
    I've got a bag which is also 40-45 cm but I can put it on my shoulder...

    I found some pics of a TPFer who is also as small as me and the 40 looked cute, I will post those pics later!
  13. I would go for the 40.
  14. The 35 looks great on you!!!!
  15. hello! i am in ch too, but near basel. i worked in zurich for three years though!

    you seems to be about the same size as me (i'm also 5'3''), and i looove the way the 35 looks on you. imo, the 40 is just too big to use as an everyday bag.