I almost thought this was fake...

  1. When I first saw the picture! Then I saw who was selling it and thought, what? :wtf:
    I knew that Vernis could have discoloration, but never knew it would be that bad! With the yellow discoloration, this "baby blue" has turned a baby green! And you can tell there is such a large difference...

    eBay: Authentic Louis Vuitton Baby Blue Vernis Houston Bag (item 270037372728 end time Oct-14-06 15:00:53 PDT)

    So does that mean that discolored red Vernis is...orange?? Which one has the worst discoloration?
  2. Yes, such a big difference between the interior and exterior of the bag :s . The straps are in great condition though :lol:
  3. Ah baby blue.. bleh.
  4. If the Vernis came in a color like that without the big color difference from the bottom and the inside to the outside, I'd like it :smile:

    I'm not talking about the Peppermint ;) That bag has a...IDK, not so minty look to it :smile:
  5. call me crazy, but that's a pretty cute color IMHO

    I don't really care for lighter Vernis colors but if they had a cute green I'd really consider :shame:
  6. ewww, what made it discolor so much?
  7. That's supposed to have been baby blue?!?!?!? :wtf: Never seen sth like that B4... I would've thought it was fake too!
  8. the color is actually pretty! but man...major discoloration! it must have been exposed to heat or left out in the sun!!!!
  9. how do vernis bags get discoloured? and does the bronze discolour?
  10. Exposure to sun/light makes them discolored. It usually only happens with the really light colors ... I've never seen a discolored bronze bag!

    That discoloration is craaazy though ... but kind of cute.
  11. Oh wow, I don't like it, maybe because I know it was supposed to be blue. If it came like that in the beginning, ehh:shrugs:
  12. wow.. makes you think twice about Vernis items...
  13. ICK, I've never been a fan of the light vernis colors. Now, fuchsia, red, or bronze - yummy!
  14. I wonder if the Perle will change color??
  15. sorry, double post