I *almost* strayed...

  1. ... but I was saved by my birkin!

    Today I found myself in a [well-known european fashion house's] boutique, just to try on some fall collection pieces, when I was shown one of their bags. Now mind you, I had every intention of being very very good and was shielding my eyes from the bags - which seemed to be everywhere. The bag addiction was thankfully held at bay by all the cool RTW being trotted out... that is, until my SA showed me a bag that made my heart skip (not pick-up-your-Hermes-exotic-SO skip-worthy, but a little skip nonetheless). And compared to H bags, the price (expensive as it was) was, well, startlingly reasonable - though I figured this is because ever since jumping headlong down the slippery slope that is Hermes, my sense of money management has been irrevocably and dangerously skewed. A topic perhaps better suited to me lying on a couch in a shrink's darkened office, but nevermind that now.

    I was so so SO tempted to say those three little words that every SA wants to hear: "I'll take it."

    And they were there, hovering tantalizingly on the tip of my tongue, when suddenly my SA, looking over at my bag - a birkin today - resting on a nearby table, confessed: "Actually, it's your bag I'm saving my money for."

    The eyes of three or four other clients looked over approvingly, and one other woman even confessed to having just bought two for herself (from resellers at prices that make even my skewed money management inner demon go :wtf: ).

    Another woman was making her way over to touch my bag, but I picked it up and walked back to my SA, thanking her for letting me try the other bag - the temptation of which had been instantly deflated.

    If this happens all the time, I think I'll shop with a birkin wherever I go. It may not stop me from buying any more Hermes, but it might stop me from buying other things, which leaves more money for... guess what: more Hermes. Works out beautifully, doesn't it?


    So if you're ever tempted to stray, just think of how grateful you are for the H bag you have. Because you know it's a keeper!!
  2. ITA! There are times when having collected Hermes items for years really skews our idea of pricing.

    When my DH and I went to an opening of a European boutique in Tokyo a few years ago and I was checking out (what else?) the bags... DH asked about the prices. I literally almost had whip-lash when I turned to him after hearing him say "The bags are actually quite cheap compared to Hermes, you can even start pointing tell the SA "I want this AND that AND that AND that!" " But of course, he quickly pulled down my arm when I was just about to take him up on his words. :graucho::graucho:

    I was also at a well-known European boutique yesterday. One I purposely have not gone to for years because I used to collect this brand's bags. I still have some pieces in my collection but just the ones I couldn't part with.

    Anyway, I spied on a bag that was really calling out to me. And really, the price was quite reasonable compared to what I have shelled out for H bags. I was carrying my rouge vif gulliver kelly at that time. I had asked to see the bag in red which is out of stock. :sad:

    Unfortunately, my willpower is not as strong as gina_b's... they are holding the bag for me while I think about it.
  3. Yes! The same thing happened to me yesterday when I was at the Ch*nel boutique. My BJ Birkin ended up drawing more attention than the bag I was interested in getting! Of course I left the store without making any "impluse" purchase.
    I guess there's just no other brand that can make me feel as good as H does.
  4. Ack, I'm dying to know which bag got you that tempted.
  5. ^^ Am not tempted anymore!! And have been a very good girl and put that bag right out of my head.

    So... bag? What bag? ;)

    I am SO RELIEVED. It seems silly, but I felt even as I held that OB (other bag), that I was 'settling' and just knew I'd regret it later. So glad I'm not the only one!

    Hey, AAB - if it helps at all:

    (((((((((((((((((((RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! DON'T BUY IT!!!))))))))))))))))))))
  6. :lol:

    I've never had that experience at another brands boutique, but I'm sure someday it will happen, and I'll have to summon my willpower (or my Birkin!) to walk away!

    See? Owning Hermes actually saves you money then.....right?
  7. I like the way you think! :tup:
  8. LOL...I told my theory to DH......he didn't quite give me a thumbs up....!!!!!
  9. Give it some time. It can take a while before feminine logic gets absorbed into the male brain. ;)
  10. :lol::lol:
  11. I have not touched bags of any other brands since I started seriously with Hermes. I know that if I buy something else, I would compare it with the H bags I have, and chuck it aside in no time. Or worse, buy and leave the shopping bag in the corner of the house, and only open it months later when cobwebs grow. :push:
  12. I'm like you Mrs Sparkles. I'm afraid that I would put that OB (other bag) aside quickly and kick myself for wasting the money!
  13. MrsS and Sus - I'm so glad to hear it! I'm feeling better and better about Hermes-induced moral fortitude.
  14. gina_b, good for you! That's great that you were able to say 'no' to the OB (other bag). ;)
  15. Awww, that was a cute story!! I could picture the whole scenario as you were describing it. That was fun!