I almost stole from Neiman Marcus...

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  1. a copy of WWD Accessories. lol. I was going upstairs to customer service to grab a copy of The Book (mine never showed up in the mail), and there was a stand by the escalator so I just grabbed one. On my way up I noticed that it had a price on it, $10. Ooops. I thought it was complimentary. After I grabbed my copy of The Book, I stuck them both in my shopping bag (I had bought some shoes) and when I left the store, it was fine, so I guess it was free. But for a minute there I was about to be really embarrassed . :shame:
  2. Bad bad Jaffa!! :nuts: You better go back to NM the next day and put that copy back! j/k

    Are they like store catalog? I know certain stores have catalogs that you supposely have to pay to obtain a copy from the register but sometimes all you have to do is ask the SA and if they like you, they'll give it to you for free anyway. Consider your copy complimentary then!! So your sin has just been release. ;)
  3. :lol: Doesn't sound like a huge loss for the store anyway, and you bought some shoes so they made their money :biggrin:

    I accidently stole mailing tape from the post office before :lol: I used it in there and took it, but they didn't charge me. I forgot to tell them and I guess they forgot they gave it to me :sad:
  4. you probably should go back to the store and tell them the mistake and just pay the 10$ you will sleep better. "Do the right thing"
  5. Sounds like you pulled a "Winona". Or was that Saks?
  6. i was at the mall the other day and i was looking at stuff and hooked a hangar over my wrist cuz i had so much crap in my hands (coat, bag, sweater, tons of other hangars, etc).....so i decided i didnt' want anything, hung everything back up, walked out of the store and was in a completely different store when i look down and i almost peed myself.......i was just like holy crap this dress is hanging from my wrist and nobody said nething to me........

    it was funny/scary.........surprised no one noticed or said nething to me but i walked right back into the store, hung the dress back up, and left (surprised alarms weren't going off all around me)
  7. hehe this doesn't really have to do with it, but my friend was trying on a BUNCH of shirts, like 50 lol, and the sales person came and asked if she could take any of the ones my friend didn't want, so my friend gave her a pile, which included the shirt she wore INTO the store, so she was gonna have me buy it for her, then bring it to her in the dressing room, then walk out of the store in it! Luckily, we found the salesperson before the hung it up to be sold! lol

    p.s i think it's fine that you took the thing,after all, you gave them money for the shoes u bought!
  8. I went into a gas station one day and grabbed a 20 oz Big Red. I asked the clerk if the car wash was working, she said no and I walked out with the Big Red. I didn't realize I did that until I got to work and I was totally embarressed. The next morning I went in and bought one and paid them for the one I walked out with.