I almost screamed...

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  1. First I want to say hi! I was in Chicago for a month and haven't been on, hope all had a good holiday season. :woohoo:

    Well I was at my Aunt's for x-mas, we were getting ready to leave and she was all "what kind of bag is this?" I told her it was a Coach:heart:, she went on about how there was no signature on it(Plum Hampton Hobo). Then she says, "this is kind of plan, let's dress her up." What does she do...she put a gingerbread man sticker on my bag. :boxing:Without being mean I walked over and pulled it off the bag right away and said, "I think my phone needs more dressing up". :idea:

    That night we went home and I put my bag away for the night. The next day my DH asks why do you have cookies in your bag? Well apparently she snuck some homemade cookies in my bag, now it smells like cookie. I could have screamed!!:cursing: :lecture:
  2. People just don't get it.
  3. ^ amen to that! If anyone stuck a sticker on my leather carly I'd give them the evil eye! :P
  4. Ya, it really surprises me how inconsiderate some people can be about our purses! They just don't understand.
  5. Oh, what a puresmare!
  6. AWWW! She didn't put them in a ziploc bag or something first? I know my carly always smells like orbit.. *wrinkles nose*
  7. I hope she put them in a baggie!
  8. how incredibly gross!
  9. I'm not trying to be mean but...who sticks stickers on purses?!:shrugs: That one makes no sense to me.
  10. If anyone put a sticker on ANY of my bags (children included) I'd fLiP!!!
    ****This is why I don't have kid's!!!
  11. Once someone at the polls put a "I voted today" sticker right on my suede jacket.
    Um, I don't think so, lady!

    Hope your bag survived the holidays, OP!
  12. First off, why would she do that! Second, I hate when my purse smells like any kind of food. I am sorry. I hope you can air it out!
  13. Oh I would have been mad too I agree with you ladies people I won't even put my sons bottles in my bag diapers and wipes but that is about as far as I go. I will be darned if somebody put a sticker on one of my bags. I don't know how you did not snap you are so nice.
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    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
    Wow, she probably doesn't realize or understand the value of your bag. She must be one of those dotty kinda people (I hope you're not mad at me saying that about your aunt) and she sees the sticker as something sparkly and festive and the cookies as a nice touch to bring your bag up to festive mood. She'd probably prefer carrying a bright signature bag because it's got the C pattern on it over the 'plainer' leather version.

    I am guessing that she snuck the cookies in to 'surprise' you :amazed: and show that she is thinking of you :heart: and wants you to enjoy these treats in case you're ever hungry and have to be stuck someplace. She cares, but it's not the best kind of caring for Coach bag aficionados like us. :Push:

    If she is one of your closer aunts, may I suggest that you get her a nice bright pink patent signature wristlet and put a note inside, "Thank you auntie for that lovely festive time. Here is a pretty Coach wristlet for you to show my appreciation. By the way, no more cookies or food inside or stickers on my Coach bags, please. Luv ya....niece."

    This story reminds me of my own incident when I was waiting at the Yorkdale Boxing Day lineup. The SA placed a Coach sticker on the strap of my bag. I didn't even flinch because it was my Ralph Lauren nylon tote. If it was my Zoe or my Legacy bag, I would flip.

    I have carried my lunch in my large Coach hobos but I'd triple wrap the thing, at the very least, before it is allowed to enter the confines of my bag.
  15. Wow! I can not believe your aunt will do such a thing. Maybe next time you can ask her tactfully not to do it anymore or you'll be upset.