I almost returned her! Reveal time :)

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  1. Found this bag @ recent Marshalls red carpet event and almost returned her because of price and I'm not normally satchel person. But the color, style and the fact it's a discontinued style made me dash back to rebuy her and I'm glad I did!

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  2. Super nice....enjoy
  3. Great find. I think this is the best robinson bag.
  4. Beautiful!!!
  5. I have two of these and by far they are my favourite bags!!!!
  6. Love it! Navy and silver hardware is a gorgeous color combo :smile:
  7. It's beautiful!!
  8. Great find, I have the red one and it is my fav TB bag.
  9. Thx everyone for the nice comments! It's a great bag, I actually use it more than my Marion slouchy tote because all the compartments
  10. I love the leather and shape!
  11. What a great find!

    I'd love to hear if anyone else has had any luck finding great purses at Marshalls
  12. Me tooooo..
  13. I have same bag in walnut :biggrin: Love it so much..

  14. Wonderful find!! I have yet to own one of her bags in pebbled leather since it always seems so soft and rich. Very nice!

    I found my first TB bag from Marshalls! It was a while ago and I don't often see her bags there, but it was also during a red carpet event :smile:


    And here was another from Marshalls at around the same time:

  15. Very nice! Have not seen either of those styles b4
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