I almost made a clean getaway, but.....Reveal!

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  1. Yeah. I went downtown to get a manicure (I had to), so there I was in the old downtown shopping district, once the home of Jordan Marsh, Filenes and most important the original Filene's basement, among many other stores. Today, there has been a little resurgence, but my main attractions are the nearly side by side Marshalls and T.J. Maxx.
    Well, today I saw nothing that tempted me. That was a good thing. Then, I was on my way home and walked by DSW, a store I rarely thought about or even noticed. Today, I just looked at the right moment and there was the window proclaiming: Coach! So, I had to go in. Coach customers got extra special treatment; no waiting in line. They had a wristlet that exactly matched my new Maggie, but I ended up getting some flats.



  2. Those are super cute!! :smile: Congrats on the great find! I didn't even know DSW sells Coach.
  3. Cute! I love flats with the elastic edge. Maybe someday I'll take a chance the Coach ones will fit my big clodhoppers!
  4. Yeah, neither did I. And they had bags, too. And, like I said, they give special treatment to Coach customers.
  5. Oh, listen. I have a bunion on my right big toe the size of Mount Everest. I have real trouble with shoes, myself!
  6. Cute shoes!!!

    And how ironic! I was in DSW today too and there was a huge Coach display right in front. Most of the items looked like MFF and past season stuff. They did have some Isabelle's in a medium brown color, that was really pretty.
  7. Cute shoes! I have too many Coach shoes. I must resist.

    I have a vintage purse from Filene's!
  8. I actually had gotten an email from DSW about a Coach event happening at their stores. The Coach logo in the ad was shady looking, so I thought it may have ended up being a "Cooch" event. We've only had DSW in my area for a couple of months, and I have only shopped there once.

    Now I'm sorry I missed it! Those flats are cuuuuuuute!
    Here's the Coach logo in the email I received.

  9. Ooh those are beautiful !

  10. Talk about clodhoppers--I wear size 11. I bought two pairs of really cute shoes on Thursday at the outlet: Carson and Flynn. They fit beautifully! I was shocked that they had them that big and that they fit so well. You should give it a shot.
  11. Congratulations! Those are really cute and look very comfy!
  12. I have trouble with shoes as well, but I was able to find a pair of Coach shoes that fit. They were the Fortunata loafers.
  13. Cute flats! Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous! I am also from Boston:graucho:, I know the exact location - and I loved Filene's basement!
    I am on vacation in two weeks and am heading into town. I live in New Hampshire now, so when I go in by myself, I take the bus. I am hoping to do some major damage on Newbury Street - and of course bring home some cupcakes.
    I also got tickets for Zac Brown in June!
  15. Very cute shoes! I have to check out my DSW!