I ALMOST got one hell of a deal...

  1. Called 866 to ask about the larger Coffret Tresor (the 24) and its price... any ways long stroy short, i want one but im not sure yet... so her and I talk some more and she tells me the larger coffret with red interior and its dimensions is only $1,950.00 WTF!!! the 20 is 1950!!! so we double checked it 500 times lol and it was right... we went to place the order and the computer caught it!!! DAMN! so its REALLY $2,250.00 still not bad but i almost saved $300 and got away with it! so i was unsure on what to do and told her I would think about it...

    man i almost had it too!
  2. Hahaha. That happened to me-I won't say which piece but I was under charged for something in my collection. And the funny thing is I didn't even realize it until just recently and I have been having it for several months.
  3. Awww man!!! Sorry Matty. :sad:
  4. So sorry you didn't get it. Reminds me of the time my dh bought a Canon cam. It was supposed to be $499.99, but someone made a mistake with the coding and the computer listed it as $49.99! It was hilarious watching the SA's try to change it, but they couldn't!

    You'll get your deal soon.
  5. lol i got a sony cam that retailed for $500 for only $300, he scanned the wrong box and gave me the better one... lol
  6. Ah that sucks though I think you mad a good decision by thinking about it.
  7. Drat, so close ;)
  8. Well when she told me $2250, personally I didnt that was THAT bad, although i was bummed out on not getting it for cheaper, I almost decided to go for it, but I could get it at my store for the same price if I did decide to do it.

    It showed up cheaper through the WAREHOUSE, she looked up ACTUAL stores and it showed the more expensive price so I would of bought it from 866 to save and then go brag to my SA lol
  9. You should get it!! Did You saw it in white suhali? TDF It is very nice but for me not usefull and too expensive.
  10. aw damn! so close hehe
  11. The coffret Tresor doesn't come in Suhali?
  12. So close dude maybe next time
  13. ^ maybe next time is right! :P
  14. ugh that sucks....soon it will be yours
  15. So close! Once I bought this dress on sale for $19.99 plus tax and later decided that it's too dark for me. When I returned it the person credited $199 to my credit card.