I almost decided...Need one last help...Pliiiiz help

  1. Ok...I have almost decided!

    I just need one last help to name my new jewelry business venture.

    To choose between:

    Marie & Fersen (tradional - keep it original)


    Kirsten & Fersen (modernized from the movie Marie Antoinette - I think Kirsten did a spectacular job in the movie - It is like mixing the old with new)

    For other names...please see http://forum.purseblog.com/general-discussion/i-need-help-and-advice-for-151034.html and provide suggestions

    Pliiiz vote...I need a name by tonight. TIA
  2. I think Marie & Fersen has a better ring to it IMO.
  3. me too, the second name rhymes a little and dont sound as classy
  4. I voted for Kirsten and Ferson because my best friend I grew up with is named Kirsten. (Guess I'm a little biased.)
  5. Marie and Fersen, it makes more of a statement. Kirsten and Fersen is to matchy rhymy for me, it is a mouthful to say as well! LOL!
  6. Marie and Fersen I agree sounds more classy, and more jewellery like. The other name doesn't have as nice a ring. Best of luck with it!!!
  7. I need more votes...Plizz...It's going to a tough decision so far it is 4 votes for Marie and 4 votes for Kirsten. So, it's a tie, which does not help much:sad:
  8. I like Marie & Fersen b/c you have a short name and a longer name so i think it sounds better rather than two long names.
  9. :sad::hrmm:Why are you people not voting? :crybaby:
  10. ITA with that. Also, Marie and Fersen will be easier to remember, and in a new business, that will be important.
  11. I like the kirsten & fersen
  12. Marie and Fersen
  13. #1
  14. #1. I'm not keen on how #2 rhymes almost.
  15. I think Marie and Fersen is better--more elegant and easier to say too. Also easier to remember, which is important.