I almost attacked someone today...

  1. At one of my local malls today I was going up the escalater when this woman walked pass with the most beautiful royal blue patent leather MAB. I had such a strong urge to jump over the side of the rail to ask her where she got it from, it was that gorgeous. Now I'll be honest the MAB is not one of my favorites but in that color :nuts: WoW! I havent seen any pics of the bag in that color is I'm guessing maybe it was one of the first colors when she introduced the bag. Has anyone else seen it?
  2. Is it the same patent blue that some others here got in a hobo style from LB?
  3. lol too funny, the things we would do for a bag or information on one :smile:
  4. Found a pic, is this the color?


  5. Oops, yeah I should have mentioned it was a darker royal blue which I'm sure is called some other color but I lost my jumbo box of crayolas like 15 years ago so I only know the basic 24 colors, thats a lie the basic 12 colors:p.
    Now looking at the picture it was either the same color or just a little darker. I think I also noticed basketweaving.
  6. I have a MAM in that color with patent trim.
  7. Here it is enlarged so you don't have to click:

  8. circoit -- that is gorgeous!!!
  9. Holy moses in a bed of roses!!! OMG!! that bag is DIVINE!!!!:drool::drool:

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that color!!!
  11. Lol! Thanks for the compliments!

    This is funny because I just got her today and was really disappointed. I got her off of eBay and clicked buy-it-now so fast, I failed to notice the trim was patent in the pictures (it was hard to see and nothing was mentioned in the description). So, needless to say - I was a bit surprised when I got her (patent isn't really my thing).
  12. ^^ Ahh--the itchy trigger finger can do a lot of damage!! She's still beautiful!!!
  13. Gotta love the clicky finger syndrome :p It still is absolutely beautiful though!
  14. Hmm, thats interesting. Ive never seen a hobo with basketweave detail. I would have loved to have seen it!
  15. ^^ It was a MAB not a hobo.