I affraid of scamming buyer...

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Jan 7, 2007
Please let me know what do you think, should I block this user or not? I always very welcome for newbie and worldwide buyers but her emails make me scare. What do you think?

Email 1:


I just have a question about shipping for this item. So $45 is tracking and insurance included, right?

I also wonder. If the item gets lost in the mail, will you be able to give me a refund? I know that you have to be the person who file insurance claim at your post office--there is no way I can do that because I live in the US. Considering that I will have to make expensive calls from the US and talk to people who might not know english very well, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for me to file the insurance claim.


Email 2:

[FONT=arial,sans-serif] I have seen your feedback and I saw that there never was
a problem. However, that does not mean there never will be a
problem. It is rare that shipment is lost, but it DOES happen,

I guess I have to talk to you about worst case scenario because I
don't want to just sit there helpless when it happens. It is not
because I don't trust you and your reputation. I hope you don't
get frustrated and angry.

Yes, so please tell me. Suppose a shipment is lost--(I know
there is tracking and stuff but sometimes it does get lost) What
are your procedures when this happens? Who will file the claim
and all that? Please let me know.

I don't want to sound like an *******, but I did my research, and
know that when shipment is lost the shipper has to file the
claim, and the shipper will be the person who get
reimbursement from shipping company. I have seen sellers who
are ignorant about this rule and insist that buyers file the claim.


Email 3:
Hi again,

just to continue. I know you and your customers never had this
kind of problem, but that does not mean it will never happen. I
just don't want to be optimistic and then get frustrated when
something bad happens ;) I really do hope that you understand
my concern...Better safe than sorry, right?

So let me know, if you can, what your policy is in case the
shipment gets lost. I am not trying to scam you. You see, as we
will have the tracking number, I won't be able to just say it is
lost if it is not. I just want to make sure I know your policies. [/FONT]


Sep 11, 2006
Hmm, I really can't tell if she is so careful or a scammer, but if she is a newbie then I understand.

You can tell her that you are not in this business like a store or something, so if things do happen, then you and her both learn how to deal with it. First, if she is scared, then just purchase from wherever, whoever in the u.s. if she is willing to take chance, then let hope for the best. I hate people w/ that kind of attitude, oh well, sometimes it helps if you are careful, but so careful is not so good either...

To my understanding, if the shipment is lost on the way, the seller can file the claim to the post office, but if it's international, and it's lost in other country, i don't know how your post office handles that, but she can't scam you if you require signature upon receiving though.

If she hasn't bid, I would just block her, so annoying.


Apr 7, 2007
hmmm. to me she just sounds like she wants to be as careful as she can, in order to protect herself if anything goes wrong. i don't know if a scammer would go through all that trouble .... but then again maybe they would?? anyway i think she's just trying to protect herself. i know it sounds like such a hassle but it could potentially happen with anyone, not just her. it just so happens that she choose to voice her concerns in detail, i guess.

good luck with your auction :smile:


Apr 18, 2006
OMG! If I were you, I would tell her she'd better shop in her local LV store so to make sure she has the bag on hand while she paid. Sorry to sound like this, but this buyer is too much. I would block her.


Mar 2, 2006
^No the buyer lives in the US and is saying that if she has to make calls to the country where the OP is from, they might not understand English well and it wil make things harder.

Anyway, I'd probably just block her, it seems like a mess waiting to happen. If I was that worried about something getting lost, I wouldn't be buying it from another country and have to have it go through customs, but that's just me.


Jan 7, 2007
Her another message:

[FONT=arial,sans-serif]perhaps you never considered it from buyer's point of view.

1. If you look at your auction, the bag costs 785 dollars. In your
case, paypal buyer protection is only 200 dollars. So having
paypal reimburse me won't really make it ok
2. If you refuse to reimburse me, or you are unable to claim the
amount in full from EMS due to some of the terms and
conditions you did not read thoroughly (had this happen to me
before so I know. For example, Fedex have their limited liability
things in the "fine print" section of their site. If you ask someone
at post office counter they will never told you about these
limitations.) then I am doomed because , as you can see, you
will be unable to reimburse me in full because the postal service
does not pay the full amount. And I told you already--paypal
will cover only $200.

Not your fault though--I know it is a risk I will have to choose to
take or not. =) we will see. Thanks

Please... I even never persuade, push or force her to purchase my item! Is it sounding too risky for me to have her as my buyer?


Jan 7, 2007
Hmm, I really can't tell if she is so careful or a scammer, but if she is a newbie then I understand.
She's not newbie, has 40 feedbacks and already a few years on eBay. YEs, I think I may just block her. Her emails ( total 4 emails ) scared me...


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Nov 12, 2006
It sounds like she's terrified of buying from overseas. Maybe she really is a newbie (in which case she should have gotten her feet wet with a less expensive item) or she should have done her homework before buying.


Nov 14, 2006
hun you have had too many problems with crazy buyers already...block that person and save yourself a headache ! Even if she is just careful, she is a bit paranoid.

out of curiosity, is it an unattainable in US/rare bag that you are selling? Im asking because she also sounds quite desperate to have it.
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