I adore this bag...

  1. It's on Let Trade, no more bags for me... but, I LOVE it!!!
    long alma.jpeg
  2. Yeah, it is a really nice bag. I have the large haut in olive/khaki and I love it!
  3. That is a cute bag!
  4. Very nice! :biggrin:
  5. oooh, olive khaki must be nice too, normally, I'm not too wild about this mini logo (is that what it's called), but I've seen a couple on the forum and started warming up, then this popped up and I think it's totally *****in ...
  6. Cute.
  7. i love mini mono in blue...
  8. nice! it looks pretty wide so you can carry tons of stuff!
  9. it's cute but I'm not magneticly drawn to it like I am to others
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