I ADORE this bag! How do I save up for it?

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  1. OMG! OMG! This bag is TOTALLY amazing! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: The only problem is it comes with a price tag :push: :push: :push: But im in love with it.... How do you, girls, save up for something like that? Any advice???

  2. that bag is amazing! I love it too..
  3. I'm loving this one:


    But, I'm in nursing school and my husband is the only one working so it won't be mine for at least another year. If I were you I'd print out a picture of it and carry it with you to remind you of how much you want it and to help you save up :smile: Good luck!
  4. if you go to starbucks daily and get a tasty treat...don't. that will save you roughly $25/week and 100/month.

    dont eat out for lunch, make your own and take it with you. and you are looking at saving around $30/week and $120/month.

    same for dinner. make it at home. saving around $50/week and $200/month.

    so far that would save you around $420 in one month. do that for two months and you have your bag. oh and go and bag and accessories ban also.
  5. Wow, great ideas!
  6. i am actually REALLY good with money. Splannie, if you need more specific advice go ahead and PM me.
  7. I love the purse too, but it's not practical...I mean where would you carry it?
    Not trying to be negative, just trying to help.

    As for saving up, don't eat out and try not to shop. =)
  8. :sweatdrop: Uh.......... I well... see.... I'm kind of one of those, get it now - figure out how you're going to pay for it later kind of things. I usually pull $$ out of savings and then have to "pay us" back, which usually.... doesn't... happen? I know!!! HORRIBLE, I know.

    Everyone has given you some great ideas though... I also sell things on eBay to go towards new things.

    Honestly though, I really have to ask this - I'm sorry. Would you spend that kind of money on something that you couldn't use everyday? Or would you be comfortable using it everyday? The only reason I ask, is that - that bag is HUGE, it literally would take up an entire car set on its own?? :smile: I know, to each their own, I was just wondering?
  9. LOL.. great minds & such... PyARi - I just asked that too!! :yes:
  10. HAHAHAHAHA, I literally laughed out loud. I do the SAME THING. When it's time to put back into savings something else that's absolutely TDF just pops up. Does that happen to you? And if something doesn't pop up, it's always like, eh I'll do it next pay period or in a couple of days, or after I pay that bill. lol.
  11. You can just cut back on stuff like food and snacks and going out. :yes: It really does work!
  12. ^^ YES... there always seems to be a "new" thing that comes up that I just have to get!! Urgh!! It's gotta stop though, because as of this weekend, I am no longer looking for a FT position while I'm in grad school and just going to focus on grad school, since it starts soon. (We just moved for his job.)

    So my "I'll just put double back in savings when I have a FT job here" line in my head isn't going to work any longer!!

    I feel bad, but DH does the same things sometimes... I just tend to do it - more... often? :graucho:
  13. OMG Kendallita I love the pic of the bag in your avatar. What style # is that??
  14. Have you seen the bag in person? I have seen the large novelty stripe bag and it is a bit cumbersome to say the least. Not practical to carry. Go to Nordies or Macys and take a look at the larger straw bags. If not, wait until Coach changes their display around Apr 1 and take a peak at the size of the basket.

    If I got one, which I would have considered for PCE, I would have bought it as a Collector's Piece, not one to use.

  15. Every paycheck I take out $40 cash and put it in an old fashioned piggy bank. (Mines a big tiki head). So I will have money for when I go to FL.