I adore fur. Anyone else guilty?

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  1. I adore fur. I don't feel guilty. Is there anyone here of a similar mind? I don't think I could live without my rabbit stole! :heart:
  2. Hi FahFashion,

    I respect your right to choose. However, I just found out from a news article that the process involves skinning animals alive, and it is therefore very, very painful for them.

    I eat meat and use leather- it's part of the cycle of life. But I think we shouldn't make other animals suffer before killing them, don't you?

    I was wondering if maybe you can consider not wearing fur? Maybe if we all stop using it, the fur exporters will reconsider their fur-gathering methods. :flowers:

    I think if that happens, we can all go back to wearing fur w/ no qualms! :smile:
  3. I don't think that will work. There was a movement similar to that in the 80's, and fur went under for a bit, but it can't be stopped. It's a demon, and I'm afraid it has my soul. Look-it the boots. They can't be resisted. ._.
  4. Umm=-no-not at all-I am totally against fur.

    BTW-what does this have to do with shoes?
  5. Well, fur boots is what I meant. XD I basically left it out, but I'm curious if anyone likes fur boots. They're making a come back now that the cold weather is coming back, so I was curious if t'was a yay or nay. o.o
  6. Hate fur
  7. I adore fur

    on the animals that it was intended for :rolleyes:

    I hate that I have to reply to these fur topics, I know it only ever goes downhill, but I do not know how anybody with any moral conscience could consider it ok to wear real fur, there are plenty of alternatives that do not involve inflicting terrible pain on innocent animals. :yucky:
  8. Why do they still have to be alive during the skinning?! :wtf: That is terrible!!! Sometimes ignorance is bliss. :sad:
  9. Saves time and money :Push:
  10. ...no one is forcing you to write this...I personally love fur and won't give it up.
  11. Ew...real fur as clothing or shoes are nasty to me. Either way, I don't like the look/smell of the real thing (HE or not) or the look of synthetic fur unless it's trim. As far as furry boots, was it mariah carrey or JLo who wore those big hairy abominable snowboots at the aspen filmfest? I can't help but think of those, even if they're of normal size. I love CL's but couldn't handle their fuzzy pumps either.
  12. and that is completely your decision :yes:

    just dont expect it to go down ok with MOST people, it aint gonna happen ;)
  13. nope cant say that i do.
  14. Ooops, there's already a thread about this and you accidentally posted this in the Shoe Forum.
    Please do a search ;)
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