I admire this pooch's te·nac·i·ty! Funny video..

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  1. AHAHAHAHA. That is so cute and hilarious :P
  2. How cute is that doxie? And determined, too. I didn't think he could do it, but he did.
  3. Omg! Lmfao! This dog cracks me up!
  4. Ikr! Initially I didnt know what was going on (bad lighting). But then when I realized, I honestly couldn't stop laughing. Normally dont care for the breed but they're all determined lil buggers.

    I swear my pup was gonna shed a tear last night if he could. Just cuz I took my plastic phone case away (aka. His favorite chew toy). Whimpering, big ol puppy eyes etc. After few min of that, I gave it back n took it away 5 min later. No more complaints from the satisfied dog. Lol eyeroll.